Get your museum or business featured on Fun Museums in 2021.

Quite a challenging year is behind us. In order to make the next year more beautiful, Fun Museums is preparing a content program full of lovely stories. Most importantly, your museum or business can easily get featured there. All you need is to read this guide and contact me.

What are the Fun Museums programs?

So far, we started a few, but more programs are about to come. Here is a list of current programs, while if you apply to be in our programs, you might be eligible for some of the new ones.

Further, some programs overlap, and you might find yourself in more than one. The list is just informative, to show what are the possibilities, and to make a good visibility and branding for different activities of the Fun Museums Studio.

Art of Discovery

Art of Discovery is light, heartwarming, memorable, and it is relaxing. Above all, Art of Discovery tells stories with a big picture, featuring many elements of that. Art of Discovery is all about the process, things we want to remember, and people who made sure we have lovely memories.

During these challenging times, Art of Discovery appeared as an answer to fast travel, to bucket lists, or “must visit” places. Finally, Art of Discovery allows you to get featured even if you are small, lacking funds, or you think you are unnoticeable.

  • We tell stories through different channels
  • One particular story can be divided into several articles, collections of stories for Facebook and Instagram, posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, along with external channels of our Friends in the case of interesting connections.
  • Articles, posts, and stories are published in a timeline that allows followers to get involved and to understand the whole story.

The program is perfectly suitable for small local and regional museums. Additionally, it can be interesting to creative businesses who have responsible, slow, patient travellers as their main market.

Examples of #ArtOfDiscovery stories:

Stories of the Sea

The possible first ever humanitarian was Santa Claus

Sami: the wise people from the North

How to get featured?

To get featured with the Art of Discovery programs, all you need is to contact me, and present me the topics of your choice, the ones you find particularly interesting or important. Pick a topic that means something to you, something you would like to communicate through many channels.


I can’t guarantee you an immediate feature, because it depends on a general schedule. In the case you want a quick feature, you might consider purchasing a sponsored space for Art of Discovery stories.

The Art of Discovery stories are a creative work of the Fun Museums founder or guest authors. It is a work of interpretation, so it might not include all the details you provided. If you find any significant inaccuracies or misunderstandings in the facts, you are free to report it.

Virtual Discovery

No pressure, no hurry, no need to wait for things to get back to normal. Right now, Fun Museums are featuring the finest digital stories, from art, museums, travel, and other related things.

If you are a museum professional or artist who works hard on building a good digital presence, this is the program for you. It is convenient and free.

How to join?

Just introduce yourself and tell me what stories would you like to tell. The focus is on the digital, so make sure you clarify what is your digital experience. If you want to promote the on-site visiting experiences, you might consider the Art of Discovery program.

Further, the Virtual Discovery program is a great chance for bigger museums with developed digital projects to promote ideas and show opportunities of the digital.

Fun Museums Social

The program will be presented with a few articles during January 2021. The main focus will be on inclusion, activism, and sustainability. The stories in this program might focus fully on one or more museum, but they might have museums as an accompanying factor.

More info soon.

Sustainable Heritage Travel

The program is expected to develop through the whole year. You can contribute to its development by filling this sustainable travel questionnaire. It is anonymous, but you have a choice of sharing your contact information with me and to get featured if you have something interesting to share.

Friends of Fun Museums

The Friends of Fun Museums program aims to connect. For example, it might connect a local business with a museum on a certain place. In that case, both museum and business will be able to say that they met through the Fun Museums.

Finally, Friends are listed and they get more attention through the Art of Discovery, Virtual Discovery, and other programs. The best way to get featured more often is by becoming a Friend.

For more information about the program, click here.

Premium: Art Doing Interpretation

Let the art tell the stories. Lana Pajdas, the founder of Fun Museums, is working on exciting ways to use the artistic expressions to tell the stories, just like many other artists do. During January, February, and March, Fun Museums Studio is offering beautiful illustrated information posters, hand-made and digitalised, for a unique price of 119 euros per poster.

Soon I will post a special page about these posters!

Get featured in 2021
Happy New Year!

The watercolour painting above is called Outdoor Imagination. It has a story.

I was painting it in the moments when I was about to publish this guide, for the feature image, which it became. It was on December 29, 2020, around the noon, at my home on the island of Krk in Croatia.

The weather outside was extremely rainy and windy, so I couldn’t really distinguish all the noises around. However, what happened then was even more confusing. Only after some awkward noises inside the house that repeated every few seconds I realised it was an earthquake. It stopped shaking only after a minute and I regrouped to finish what I started.

Only about half an hour later I checked the news, and I realised it was a disaster on another side of Croatia. In fact, it was the third big earthquake in Croatia in 2020, and the second in just two days. I wrote an article about the first one, that hit Zagreb in March and damaged several museums in the city.

However, the earthquake that happened yesterday was worse for two reasons. First it was over the 6 degrees mark, making it devastating in any way. Second, it hit a neglected, very poor region with many elderly inhabitants and low income families. Their homes are literally destroyed. Through my social program, I will make sure to promote the humanitarian actions aimed at rebuilding and recovery.

If you work at a museum with earthquake-related collections or stories (from scientific or historical point of view), contact me to get featured.