Work with Fun Museums

Work with Fun Museums

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the professional section of the Fun Museums platform. To start with, I will present you what are the Fun Museums products.

  1. Tailor made heritage interpretation stories connecting old and new, classical and modern, academic and popular. Through the unique concept of #ArtOfDiscovery, we give you a unique opportunity to get ready for a sustainable, holistic approach to travel and tourism.
  2. Classical heritage interpretation, with content writing, photography, design, visual identities, presentations, and campaigns. We make sure to adapt the narrative into your needs and goals.
  3. Hand-made illustrations, with or without writing. Bring your interpretation to a different level with hand-made illustrations, illustrated books, everything ready for application on your products.
  4. Get ready for the digital: Our special program allows you to learn how to adapt to the fast-changing digital environment. The Say Thank You initiative will boost your confidence as an individual professional, a team, or the whole institution.

How much does it cost?

The work in heritage interpretation, art, and digital preparedness cannot be defined through a labeled price. Produced goodies have the price we assign to them. That being said, service collaborations are above all just human to human interactions with the desire to create something nice. The professional work does have a measurable price, which can be easily adapted to your budget.

So, if you are interested in receiving some services from the Fun Museums Studio, we warmly recommend you to define the budget you are willing to invest. Don’t ask us for indicative offers, because we simply can’t provide them. Options are so many, and the possibilities for a comparable service might vary, for instance, between 100 and 2000 euros. Once we know your budget, we will make sure to fit into that, and give you the best we can! Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t exceed 100 euros, we will always have something for you.

What if I need to get 3-4 offers and choose the lowest price? Is there a way I collaborate with the Fun Museums Studio?

Definitely, if all the details are defined. Public funding programs (such as cohesion funds for EU member states or local government funds) usually have clear requirements. In that case, we can define a budget for what you need to have, and present it as an offer.

While the selection process might not favour us, we will be glad to a part of such a process, at least for meeting you and for possible future collaborations.

What if I want to get an offer just to know if we belong to the same league? Or just to understand the market values of that kind of work?

We avoid to limit ourselves to leagues, as the Fun Museums Studio doesn’t belong to any. You might get services from other companies for lower prices than the ones we can give you. You might also prefer collaborating with a more pricey, established creative agency. These are some choices. Collaborating with the Fun Museums is a slightly different kind of choice.

We guarantee you a special journey through the inspired conversations, curiosity, research, creation, and results in the end. That is the main reason why we prefer to adapt to your budget than to make offers without knowing you.

As for market values, they also have many variables. Any offer you may receive from a creative in the area of heritage interpretation, or creative services in general, is based on guesses, assumptions about your needs, desires, and ability to afford something.

Can I get anything for free?

You can. If any of the Fun Museums authors visit your place, and decide to tell stories about it, you will get some promotion on the platform for free. Your only small contribution is to say thank you, and to share the content that refers to you. You are obviously not obliged to do it, but it is considered a small act of kindness.

In any case, it is definitely something you could get for free. Since we are getting increasingly active, the probability for you to get promoted on the platform is quite high.

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I mean, can I get my post published for free?

If you want to publish a story of your culture institution or business, you might consider the Friends of Fun Museums program. That program allows your institution or business to be mentioned in some of our activities, or even connected to our clients, with the exchange of small favours. The only thing we need to do is to define some details.

I mean, can I get your visit, illustration, social media post, or article by request, for free?

We don’t execute any ordered creative work for free. However, we might be able to include you in our pre-defined programs if you show interest in that, and there wouldn’t be any charge for that. In that case, we will put you on a waiting list, and keep you in mind when the right moment comes.

Can I pay a small amount to have some content published immediately?

Yes, you can get a sponsored post. You are free to submit your own text, photos, and information, that might be edited to adapt to the needs of digital optimisation, for your best interest. Sponsored posts cost between 15 and 30 euros, depending on the context.

What about social media posts for my sponsored article?

Additional costs may apply. We may also include you in our programs later, for free.

What if I want to get a digital education for my team?

One hour session costs between 75 and 150 euros, depending on the complexity of your needs. After you define the budget you are able to invest, we will create the specific program for you. The sessions will be conducted online in a form of a webinar, allowing a large number of participants.

What if I need a social media strategist or manager?

There are possibilities. Our strategies usually cost from 500 euros for a 6 months plan, and 750 for a one-year plan. If you need to hire a person to follow that strategies and take care of the daily digital work, we will be glad to help you with advices.

Can I get any support in producing goodies with hand-made illustrations?

We count with trusted partners in production of printed media. Once we define the creation of illustration, we are ready to define the production of goodies.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu.

How many people work at the Fun Museums?

Fun Museums is not an organised company (yet). The creative activities are conducted by the founder and other authors, while several other people are willing to help with details of projects for clients. The team details will be published as soon as we define the way we want to tell stories about ourselves.

Can I work for Fun Museums?

Yes. First, you can become one of our authors. At the moment we are not able to provide a salary for that, but you also don’t have any commitment. You are free to create your stories and get them published on Fun Museums and social media, only with a slight moderating from the founder and/or more experienced authors.

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Second, you are free to send your CV to lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu. We are constantly looking for collaborators who could help our projects shine. So far, Fun Museums doesn’t offer any full time job vacancies. However, participations in projects are rewarded with a percentage and once you send us your CV, you will be on the list of possible collaborators for the projects.

Portfolio will be published soon!