A weekend Guide to planning visits to Museums

Spoiler alert – this is a Friday feeling article. I often hear that planning visits to museums could be the hardest part of visiting museums. How to find time and energy for a museum, after a difficult week? I will suggest you three models of spending a kind of museum weekend: staying in your hometown, going to a trip to nature or rural areas, or going for a weekend city break. Each of these three options can be 

In your hometown or nearby: Visit only one Museum per day.

There are several reasons why you should not visit museums or why to dislike museums. One of them is a possible fatigue. Weekends should be time to get some rest, agree? A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend in another city. She likes to visit museums, but rarely has anyone to go with, not being a kind of person who goes alone to museums or galleries. We went to two temporary exhibitions in a well-known art gallery in Zagreb, then we went to a couple of temporary exhibitions in the city’s largest museum.

Summing up, we visited 5 temporary exhibitions. We enjoyed because we are used to consuming temporary exhibitions of art. However, this is not what I would like to recommend.

Palacio de Queluz, Portugal

On the picture: Queluz Royal Palace, Portugal

Imagine a visit to a museum or a temporary exhibition taking about 2 hours. This is just 2 hours! Between waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night, there are as much as 16 hours. 2 hours out of 16 is not too much. This is like talking about working out – half an hour of some kind of intense physical activity could help us feeling better and being healthy, yes?

When I say that I write about museums, most people think I spend the whole days in museums, while this is quite a rare occurrence. I only do it when I have a very little time in a city full of museums, and I can’t go to that city often. For instance, it happened to be during a very hot summer day in Washington DC. Or when I meet old friends who are badly missing museums (laugh).

Weekend trips: Visit interpretation centers and rural museums

There is a plenty of curious stories in rural areas, natural parks, and similar places that invite us for weekend trips. Most of these places have some kind of museum, gallery, or interpretation center. What is a weekend without getting curious and inspired a little bit? Trips to villages or nature can include some little learning.

Not all of us are interested in the same kind of things. I confess I would not spend hours in a natural history museums studying animal species. I would also not be much enthusiastic about some historical themes, particularly when the stories are difficult. For some other people, such museums would be an unforgettable experience. It’s all up to our personal choices.

Culture Route Putovima Frankopana

On the picture: Kraljevica Castle, home to the Interpretation Center about a glorious family of the past

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City Breaks: Planning visits to emotional, memorable museum experiences

Weekend abroad, in a big city? Well, if it’s your first time in that city, it’s understandable that museums do not come as a priority, and when they do, these mostly the biggest and the most famous museums. But, if the objective is to visit a city for a second, third, fourth time, there are way more options to go further.

What kind of museum experience is that “emotional”? I say it’s a kind of immersive experience, where feelings for a topic can be strong. For instance, in Zagreb, there is a museum called “Museum of Broken Relationships”. In Lisbon, there is a Museum of Electricity and a futuristic building next to it; it’s all located at the riverfront, and there is an exotic kind of viewpoint on the top of the building. Therefore, this is a bit of an unreal museum experience.

The Women's Museum Merano, Italy

On the picture: Women’s Museum, Merano, Italy

Planning Visits to Museums - City Break Lisbon

On the picture: The MAAT Museum in Lisbon, in front of the beautiful Tagus river, with its amazing views.

Look at the picture below – it was a lovely Sunday, also in Lisbon.

Planning Visits to Museums - Weekend guide


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