6 Truths about the Train Travel

What do you think, are these truths painful? How can anything related to travel be painful anyway?  These stories are strong, powerful, but I think it doesn’t mean that they are painful. No worries 🙂

I was recently contacted by the Croatian Railway Museum. They had a story to tell. The story was about 6 passionate Railway Fans – rail fans. I realized that they could inspire many of my readers to travel by train, since it’s such an elegant way to practice culture and heritage travel across Europe – and probably outside Europe as well, I haven’t been yet, so I don’t know 🙂

Croatian Railway Museum is not one of the most well-known places in Zagreb. It’s rather a hidden pearl, left inside the huge structure of the national company of Croatian Railways. It does not have specific opening hours; you can call the staff and they’ll open it for you, as long as your requested time is within their working hours.

The Museum itself has a fine collection of beautiful antique machines and railway equipment, but the stories about these fans who come regularly to the museum, just to talk and share their thoughts, are even more fascinating.

What are these stories, and what inspiration I can find in each of them?

1.Find your own source of joy

My blog is about the magnificent #JoyOfDiscovery. Discovering is such a lovely feeling. A 20-years-old guy, who is currently unemployed, lives a passion for railways, at least local ones. He used to travel from home to his high school by train, every day, since there is a line that connects his suburb town with the city of Rijeka, within the line Rijeka-Ljubljana.

When I was 20, I struggled to find such a strong source of joy. I was getting frustrated with every little difficulty or anything that went wrong. When travelling with friends, I was nervous when we missed a bus, for instance, or when someone did not feel in the mood to visit a museum so everyone else gave up going there – except me. Guess what? I went alone. But I was feeling a bit upset.

Today it’s different. Such negative emotions do not occur when you are sure of what you are doing so you live and let live. Sources of passion and enthusiasm help a lot.

2.Transfer some Insights from your Industry to Museums

The Wonderful Process of Constructing Trains, this is the title of the story about a real rail fan who works in the company that constructs trains (Končar). Museums are living structures. They develop and evolve along with the rest of the world. We are talking about the trains and railways, some transportation-related topics, something about industry, production and travel as well.

This rail fan’s insights come directly as a lifelong experience, beginning with a collection of vintage train tickets from his childhood, while today he can proudly present the beautiful new trains constructed by his company.

3.A perfect Hobby for the Retired

One of the previous stories was about a 20-years-old guy, while I’m 27. This story relates to something I can’t say a lot about, but my feelings for social entrepreneurship take me to the conclusion that elderly people need a certain type of motivation to stay lively and enthusiastic. This is a story about a man who retired due to an illness that prevented him to work as a cook, that was his profession.

He retired fairly young and he found a new passion – railways. His thoughts about a bigger – real and smaller – maquette/detail railways is transmitted into pictures. To me, it sound like a great alternative to gardening, and easy for people who don’t have a garden or people who have no talent or patience to deal with plants 😀

4.Find your unique Photography Topic

The whole universe – internet is flooded with pictures. Some of the uploaders are professionals and artists, others pretend to be, while other don’t even say they are professionals and admit they take pictures just for fun. Nevertheless, you might want to get a greater reach for your work on social media or more clicks on your blog.

What is on these common pictures? Cats, dogs, beaches, ships, famous buildings, famous cities’ skylines, people, phones, no idea what else. Try picturing something specific and let this be your brand. Read about a man who takes pictures of trains in movement, and says that photography is the moment of the present and the truth – logicaly, trains in movement provide a different picture for each second.

5.Simply start travelling

You don’t need to start booking flights to reach another side of the world. You don’t need to book a cruising trip either. Start exploring your nearest surroundings and #neverstopexploring. Last February I just went from Zagreb to the beautiful Eastern regions of Croatia where I had barely been before. The trip resulted in a series of untold stories from Europe as it was 5000 years ago. This was just a little investment, a short 3-hours trip by train.

Now, imagine that lifestyle. You just choose a station to reach and go. In Croatia we are a bit unlucky because our country is small and we don’t have extensive networks. But Slovenia is nearby, Austria and Italy as well, so many things to discover. Is train travel expensive? It’s like any transportation – the times when all flight tickets, cruising tours, train and bus tickets had the same price for each line are goooone. Promotions, error fares, various types of loyalties – it has came to railways as well! For example, recently there was a price of 3 euros for one-way ticket from Rijeka to Zagreb – 150 kilometres. To be honest that line is slow, but it’s worthwhile.

6.Persistance is the Key

This is a story about a civil engineer who is also a rain fan. Almost all his male relatives work or worked on railways. Once he was creative in expressing his passion for railways. Than he was rewarded to take a trip in the train of his dreams, in Switzerland. He just sent a Powrpoint presentation that I believe that was perfectly made that it impressed people who rewarded him.

What else to say? These are the powerful truths I learned from these passionate rail fans. 6 Truths about the spirit you can find on railways.

Croatian Railway Museum

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