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My last post highlighted an interesting detail from the SIIDA – Sami Culture Museum – a traditional fishing boat with a giant salmon on it. Although the large part of discovery in the Lapland region occurs outside museums, here you can learn more about things you might be interested in while travelling over here.

While the Arktikum Museum in Rovaniemi has mostly a scientific approach on nature and society, this museum has simple stories, a little bit about everything – people, costumes, archaeology, animals, plants, nature, landscapes, lifestyles. The visiting experience is plausible, with lots of surprising effects, such big wall photos combined with real items, placed in little boxes.

Travellers in the Museum
Visiting the Museum…
Snow and the plants
The Imitation of Snow

Although all the stories told by this museum can be experienced in the real life, by going just outside the walls, you might always have questions regarding your discoveries, findings, everything you notice while travelling across these lands. This museum answers your questions, in the way much better than Google – here you are don’t need to search or follow the links – you just take a walk and follow the amazing user experience – visitor experience. For instance, it’s obvious that polar plants have some special resistance to cold weather and snow. But what is their physiognomy? You can find a high quality imitation of that natural processes.

How to notice the difference between past and present in these lands? Although people in Lapland live a traditional way of life, away from urban areas, they are well supported by current technologies. You can see the variations in ways how practical issues are solves, for instance reindeers vs. motors.

Sami Culture Museum
The Imitation of Campfire
Museums shows the Life
Contemporary Transportation
Detailed View
Details of History

This museum is situated about 1400 kms away from Helsinki, and is the most exotic amongĀ 6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland.

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