The Snowy Open-Air Gallery Of Fantasy

Before visiting a real museum – the Sami Culture Museum, we experienced everything the Museum talks about. Here is the gallery, notice the Sami people in their traditional costumes, beautiful reindeer, typical cabins, the forests and vegetation, and much more.

This is a story about a visit to the indigenous people of the European Arctic. The Sami people. There are several Sami languages and tribes while they mostly try to remain together and nurture their centuries old culture and traditions. The Sami reside in the northernmost parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and in the Russian regions around the city of Murmansk. In Finland, their home is the region of Lapland, where we traveled and stayed near Inari, one of their main villages.

To me, this was the most enjoyable discovery, among the 6 I have talked about in this post series. Our hosts were a family who owns the reindeer farm in Inari, and after we fed

Our hosts were a family who owns the reindeer farm in Inari, and after we fed reindeer and had some Santa Claus style rides, we entered into a typical, but completely typical wooden cabin, where we were served with coffee and tea, while the Mother sang their typical songs, many of them related to fire as an important element.

Is museum an artificial experience after this? The¬†Museum is a complement. Or a supplement. There is the Fire and the Water, the Earth and the Air. There are Museums, and there is something I call “Outside the Museum”. The Life.

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