Art in the Beach Town of Pesaro

The places and highlights of the Italian region of Marche are not as well known as the attractions of some other areas of Italy. I visited Pesaro, a small town located on the Adriatic coast, also known for its sandy beach.

For readers who are not so familiar with Southern Europe: the Adriatic Sea is a small part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Western Adriatic coast is Italian, and the Eastern side consists of Croatian, Slovene, Montenegro, and Albanian coast.

While the Eastern side (predominantly Croatian) is widely known for stunning rocky landscapes, a thousand of islands, many small beaches, and diverse nature, the Italian portion mostly has endless sandy beaches.

My weekend trip to Pesaro

Located near Ancona, the town of Pesaro is one of these coastal towns known for beach tourism, of course. Interestingly, when you leave the train station, you don’t realize how close you are to the sea.

The first thing you will find while walking away from the train station will be some lively narrow streets quite typical for Italian towns. While the place is not even in the top 100 popular Italian destinations, the atmosphere is entirely local.

Pesaro, Italy
Very cool street lamps.

I have to say that the prices are also quite authentic. A bit over 2 euros for a coffee and a brioche or something like that is quite little compared to some more popular places in Italy.

The town of music

Pesaro is Gioachino Rossini’s hometown. The illustrious 19th-century compositor was born in a beautiful house located on one of the main streets. The house has a museum-interpretation centre and the respective shop inside.

Casa Rossini, Pesaro, Italy
View from the Casa Rossini window

I have to say that I found the museum-interpretation centre unimpressive, but the shop has beautiful products, excellent souvenirs for fans of classical music. There is a wine cellar in the house too! But the upper floors are just nothing special. There are some compositor’s portraits and a few labels, but generally, visitors don’t get enough immersive experience.

The level of fun grows close to this house, though. In front of the nearby Palazzo Mosca, there is a music-themed sculptural complex that looks impressive.

In front of the Musei Civici, Pesaro, Italy
“The town of Music”

Musei Civici

The Palazzo Mosca is a beautiful home to the Musei Civici – the municipal museum. This building has a charming courtyard with a cool imitation of a library, perfect for Instagram pictures.

The museum itself is dominated by the exhibition of Renaissance majolicas. One could easily connect that kind of ceramic art to Arabic countries, Portugal, and Spain. But in reality, although it was marginal and not very, as we say today, “hyped”, it was quite a respected expression of fine craftsmanship.

Musei Civici, Pesaro
Some cute majolica art

There was a temporary exhibition about the history of the Giro d’Italia, the bicycle race on which Pesaro is one of the stops.

Let’s not forget that the other face of this cosy city of music is:

Pesaro, Marche, Italy

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