On the Train Station

A museum, an exhibition space, situated on a train station. Sometimes the best travel experiences are in the little details we can find along the way. These things are more than just pieces of heritage or art, they are pure discovery.

This post is a fruit of a lovely and amazing collaborations that I recently arranged on two different places, in two different contexts. First I arranged a post series about railway fans, people around the Croatian Railway Museum. Then I went to the East of Croatia to visit the amazing archaeological site of Vučedol, where a newly opened Museum provides a lot of fun to the visitors.

So last Friday I received a message from the Vučedol Culture Museum’s Director, Mirela Hutinec, as she had followed my blog since I had the very first communication with her team. She knew that I received an amazing series of stories about those railway “freaks”, as some of them like to call themselves, and that I was publishing these stories one by one.

She was on the Railway Station in Vinkovci during the time when a small exhibition space situated in a former waiting room was opened to public. This is one of the many parts of the Croatian Railway Museum, holding number of pieces from the Museum’s collections, organised by their curatorial team. After a visit to this permanent exhibition, she sent me several pictures of that.

I had seen that space before, actually; when travelled to Vukovar and Vučedol, by train, I had a stop in Vinkovci and noticed this exhibition space. However it was closed at that time, since it’s only managed by a group of enthusiasts from the Association of the former Croatian Railways (HŽ) workers, and one of them is a volunteer who comes every Tuesday morning to open it and talk with every visitor that comes here.

Vinkovci, Croatia
The guide 🙂

Museum are everywhere, most of them are fun. Stories like this are particularly beautiful, in my opinion, because here is a story about someone’s good will. There is a fact that you might always find amazing things when you less expect them. I like to tell my readers that it’s not only in tourism offices or in official books or websites where the best things about a certain place can be found. The best experiences might be hidden and also situated on the very random places.

I felt a bit sad that I could not visit this place on that day; even though there was a phone number indicated on the door, a number to call for a visit at any moment, I did not have enough time to enjoy this space, and I would not expect them to come as quickly as I needed.

So I was lucky enough to receive this collection of impressions about the place, that the Vučedol’s Director was lucky enough to be here on a Tuesday morning. Thank you so much for this interesting contribution for the Fun Museums blog.

A sunny morning :)

I can remember more examples of exhibition/gallery spaces on bus/train stations, airports etc. I will do more effort to take some pictures of it, and publish a text on the blog.

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