Time machines & Crazy books at the National Museum

So many times since I started blogging I said something like “museums help us understanding the local culture of our travel destinations”. The museum I’m bringing to the table today is one of the best examples to prove that point.

When you hear the word “Landesmuseum” in a German-speaking area, it means something like “National museum”, and it’s often a kind of a general museum presenting the whole history and culture of a country or area. The Landesmuseum Zurich is a typical late 19th century kind of building, somewhat reminding me on the National Museum of Finland

Located in the heart of the city, surrounded by a beautiful park, and having a very nice museum cafeteria inside, it’s a convenient and comfortable museum to visit at any time. At the moment a large part of the building is in some kind of renovation works, so visitors can see only a part of the heritage. Still, it’s quite a lot of things to visit.

Crazy Books about Switzerland

First of all, the museum truly helps any tourist understanding basic things about Switzerland. And I don’t even think it’s only for tourists – my Swiss friend enjoyed it too. 

There are four crazy books inside that exhibition space. This books get crazy when you sit in front of them and touch their paper. Suddenly, it reminds on sceneries of Harry Potter movies with texts showing up on the paper saying you things from Swiss unique democracy to those countless Swiss Nobel Prize winners.

While I recently wrote my opinions about museum “interactives” and screens, this museum represents an epitome of good use of technology in museums.

Crazy Book - Landesmuseum Zurich, Switzerland

Archaeological time machines

I wrote several articles about archaeological museums and collections. Many of them are truly impressive yet not widely known phenomena of remote beginnings of human civilizations, such as Vuńćedol Culture Museum or the Story of the Ice Man. These museums do have impressive storytelling inside which helps visitors understanding something so abstract.

The archaeological collections at the Landesmuseum Zurich have something different though. Without any assets which could be as spectacular as the two examples I have mentioned, this museum tells an archaeological story in a more impressive way.

It’s enough to just wave with your hand and the show starts behind the objects. It gives visitors an impression of a time machine behind the object. 

Landesmuseum Zurich

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