Museums, Nikola Tesla, and Tesla cars.

Everyone knows about Tesla cars. They are simply amazing and dreamy, their elegance, functionality, and the way they are introducing the future. That’s at least my opinion 🙂

Who knows about Nikola Tesla, the guy who gave the name to these cars? Well, that’s the general culture. This guy was one of the most important inventors in the field of electricity. The reason why I’m writing this blog post today, while I could now be turning off the candle and going to sleep at 9pm or even earlier. What a hell we would do without the electricity, actually? 😉

If you have any answer, write in the comment 😉

Did you know where did Nikola Tesla come from?

Croatia is one of the ex-Yugoslavian countries, and so is Serbia as well. Tesla was born in the Croatian region of Lika, while he was an Orthodox Christian (he was even a priest’s son!), and belonged to the Serbian ethnicity. An interesting guy he was, and he was supposed to become a priest. But he became a scientist and inventor instead. And changed the world, on some way.

This beautiful Tesla car was photographed parked in front of the Tesla’s birth house, in the village of Smiljan. And here it comes, few picture of how was the Long Night of Museums 2016 on this place.

Measuring the Electricity

Nikola Tesla Museum

Inside the Tesla Museum

In this museum, you can find lots of curiosities about this guy.

You can learn about his competition with Thomas Edison (it was cruel!).

You can learn about his friendship with Albert Einstein.

You can learn about his patents, and which of his ideas were stolen.

Also, a curiosity is that he even knew about internet. But he could not implement it at that time.

You can play with some of his inventions, machine which served as the first examples of electricity as we know it today.

If you visit Plitvice lakes in Croatia, this is also a place to visit, because it’s nearby.

Enjoy 🙂

Tesla memorial village Croatia

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