Museum Shopping in Finland

Shopping is a part of travelling usually. Many travellers will buy typical products and go to particular local shops. It’s not only for souvenirs or memories, but also for useful products. Some people buy antique books or jewellery when travelling. Choices are many.

Many well-equiped museums have beautiful shops where visitors go after seeing the exhibitions. While each of the 6 museums visited during our trip to Finland have their own stories to tell, they also have some creative industries in cooperation.

Here I come with few examples from the museum shops.

The snow behind
Exhibition and the Snow

No, this wasn’t for sale. This neither, obviously:

Alvar Aalto Museum Shop
Forms of Architecture

You can’t buy this building. Period 🙂

However, these museums provide a pleasant shopping experiences. I’ll give a particular attention to the Sami Culture Museum – SIIDA, a museum where you can see how a giant salmon looks like, in a typical boat used for capturing salmons.

These beautiful shoulder bags were created to imitate Sami traditional costumes, and also the unescapable form of reindeers, in some cases.

Beautiful Shoulder Bags, Finnish Design

There are also highly beautiful examples of clothes and other, more simple colourful bags. This is a real fashion store. Some pieces were even put on sale, discounted up to 50%. Prices vary between 15 euros for small and simple bags and about 200 euros for bigger and special edition bags.

SIIDA Museum Shop

Color Fantasy

However, these example are still mass production, although being hand made. If you are interested in something even more exclusive, and ready to invest more than 200 euros in quality pieces, there are some products designed by particular Sami designers. These products with very small stocks are on exhibit and on sale in the SIIDA Museum.

The most exclusive products from the museum shop

You won’t miss luxury products in the museum shops of Finland. In the Arktikum Museum in Rovaniemi, you will find these fur carpets. You will also be very satisfied with the offer of affordable memories and useful products, made in typical Finnish and Lapish design.

Fur carpets in the Arktikum Museum Shop

Plenty of books about life and work of the architect Alvar Aalto is available in his museum. If you are more interested in buying books on your trip, this museum is perfect for you.

Museum - Book

In the very heart of Helsinki, the Ateneum Museum has a nice Finnish Design showroom. The shop is often crowded thanks to its affordable prices, great variety of pieces, and because this museum is simply very popular.

Ateneum Museum Helsinki

Don’t hesitate to comment, if you know more museums in Finland and their shopping facilities. 



  • I do like the Ateneum shop. Did you go to Kiasma? I haven’t been to their shop for ages but I often walk past and see that they have lots of cool stuff.

    • No, we didn’t have time to visit Kiasma 🙁 …but I did some research about it when I was preparing the trip. But yeah, Ateneum shop is amazing, it’s rare to see that many things in museum shops that are creative and useful at the same time.

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