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During my recent trip to Vukovar I had great moments in Vučedol, an important archeological site, with a recently opened concept-based museum which is perfectly fulfilled with fun experiences.

Apart from the original pieces found on the site and some copies of previously found pieces that had ended up in other Croatian museums, this museum goes beyond and offers a kind of “virtual reality” and imagination how some things could be 5000 years ago, in the Europe’s main metropolis.

While Vučedol culture has completely gorgeous patterns applied on ceramic and metal, some of these items show that there was a typical fashion style in that culture. Te patterns were derived from something also beautiful to think about – the constellations visible in the sky. Orion was a kind of saint form, celebrated by the shamans who learned when the winter ends and the spring is coming.

Vucedol Culture Museum and their fashion show

The spring is coming. I’m writing this post on March 8, the International Women’s Day. I would love to have a dress like this one, on the picture above. This dress in an example of creative industries derived from museums and heritage. That’s a beautiful thing to be found in the Vucedol Culture Museum’s Shop, designed by the Croatian fashion designer Etna Maar.

This is such an elegant and simple piece of clothing. The prices vary around 120-150 euros, no more than most of other designed fashions.

Etna Maar Vucedol Collection

It’s becoming usual that museums collaborate with creative individuals who want to create a product with a purpose. Would you buy some of these pieces? As you can see, there are both winter and summer types of clothes.

Etna Maar, Vucedol, Croatia

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In order to show what’s on offer, the Museum organized a fashion show. It was last year, and I wasn’t there. However, I used these pictures to show that the Museum has its own haute couture collection.

You’ll love such variety of choices and shopping amenities on your disposal after a museum visit. Apart from these exclusive dresses, you can opt for low-budget alternatives, such as t-shirts or simple, regular souvenirs. However, every piece sold in the store is in line with the Museum’s identity, the characteristic design in black, red and white, with a form of the famous Vučedol Dove – the Partridge. Everything is hand made and perfectly shaped. A real shopping pleasure.

You will not miss the opportunity to buy gifts for your loved ones since these gifts are not only objects, but they also contain stories, something priceless, something that makes every conversation inspiring and special.

Vučedol Souvenir
This is a classical magnet-souvenir made in the typical shape and colors.

To learn more about the designer, visit her website…Etna Maar is her “stage name”, derived from obvious sources of inspiration – the volcano Etna and the artist Dora Maar.

Do you know any similar example?


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