Let them know that you are Fun!

Vienna is not only a heritage city, but is also a city with heritage that is alive and ready for 21st century audiences. When I visited the Museum of Natural History I found out ways how a traditional museum can become a fun institution. On the other hand, here is the Albertina Museum, known to be a gallery of modern and contemporary art, hosting the Europe’s best exhibitions of current trends in art. However, Albertina owns a part of Vienna’s noble palatial apartments which can be visited along with the museum’s exhibitions.

Even though the Museum contains permanent exhibitions of well-known artistic names of the 19th and 20th century such as Monet, Renoir, Picasso or Warhol, a lot of effort is invested in creating remarkable temporary projects, in order to promote new practices and current trends. At the moment of my visit, there was an exhibition of drawing. Several artists were represented, but the main idea was to spread the idea of drawing, and not only artworks. It starts on the staircase in front of the Museum, and continues inside (cover photo). I did not take any photo afterwards; I respected their non-photography policy.

The exhibition itself is composed with highly innovative design, focused all the time on the technique of drawing, never neglecting the 3D exhibition space.

So, this is a fun way to announce from outside, that we have something fun inside!

Albertina Wien
Albertina Museum – get inside to know what we have for you!
Albertina Wien
Visitors on the staircase

This was my second time in the Albertina, and I decided to do this visit again, just because of a strong curiosity how the things go on inside. I can say – this is a museum that holds quite interesting collections for younger audiences – that’s not suitable for children at all, that is also not the most interesting choice for the elderly. In the summertime, the museum is venue for a little party, Wednesdays.

That day was rainy, but when I left museum, about 9pm (it was early July), the clouds had disappeared, and as the air remained humid, there was a splendid rainbow above the Vienna’s Opera. Even the moment of leaving the Museum was fun!

Rainbow Vienna
This was the image I got, surprisingly, after getting out of the Museum.

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