In the beginning of prehistoric times.

One of the Europe’s most important prehistoric archaeological sites is situated on the far east of Croatia, and it’s named Vučedol. The whole story is properly represented inside a beautiful contemporary building of the Vučedol Culture Museum. We are proudly announcing our soon-to-be first Fun Museums Network member.

In the beginning of prehistoric times, there was a place where people had very lively days. The whole local craftsmanship was innovating, every day of its existence while many of those pieces of creativity remained preserved until today, making this museum what it is right now.

The most emblematic prehistoric discovery from Vučedol is certainly the Vučedol Dove (image below)…

Vučedol Dove

…however, this is only a part of a whole picture.

Did you know that…

…the oldest Indo-European calendar was created in Vučedol?

…the first metal production (including bronze) occurred precisely here, announcing the turnout from the Stone age to the Metal age?

…the Vučedolian craftsmen knew how to produce shoes for both left and right leg?

…there are many other marvellous facts about this place.

…the Vučedol Culture Museum staff has declared that their institution is fun?

Exhibition Design - Vucedol Culture Museum, Croatia
The calendar of Vučedol was based on observation of winter sky.

We can’t wait for more stories to publish 🙂

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