Hiding from the Sun

This is the report about a town museum in a local context – or not even so local. Because Europe is full of heritage, and there are no many historical places and museums that even try to become highly attractive to general public.


The alternative rock band “Default” has a song named “Hiding from the Sun”, whose lyrics are about hiding from an ex-partner, hiding in the shadow, hiding from the Sun. Many museums and heritage seem to practice a similar thing, there is a common fear of crowds destroying pieces by their supposed misbehaviour, while many staff members don’t dare to try a disruptive communication strategy to get more attention.

Renaissance palace on the South of Croatia, today a town museum.
Town Museum, Korčula, Croatia.


In Croatia, almost every coastal city and town has a plenty of:


  • Archaeological sites
  • Medieval Walls, Churches, Town Halls or regular urban buildings
  • High-quality Renaissance monuments, a consequence of abundant investments made by Venice and other rich provinces on the other side of Adriatic
  • Interesting examples of typical local clothes, musical instruments and other traditional items
  • Intangible heritage. Underrepresented in official museums.
  • Artworks made by excellent local artists – paintings, sculpture, prints and so on.
  • Etc.
Museum of Homes?
Many of Croatia’s local museums represent municipalities and region showing the historical real life.

However, even local people barely know about a large part of heritage listed above – even if these sites are situated few kilometers/miles from their homes. That’s a sad fact, because most of these treasures could be mines of fun.

But I recently visited a specific museum, where surprisingly, I found a tourist guide inside, with a nice group of Germans, who were listening with attention, while the guide was telling stories about the museum, and the town.


Dear guests, this is the Korčula Town Museum…


This was the atrium of the Renaissance palace. Today this is the Museum’ Atrium, which was full of tourists at the time of my arrival.

The town of Korčula is situated on the island with the same name, on the very South of Croatian Adriatic coast, not far away from famous Dubrovnik.


The day was sunny, and hot, a typical day of late August on these lands.

Pupnatska Luka Beach, Korčula
Shortly after visiting the Museum, I went to this beach 🙂


As I was there in a kind of tourist visit, and not on a business trip, I decided to make a relaxed visit to the Town Museum, and my only objective was to get a bigger picture about the town as a whole. The museum is composed on a traditional way, as an old-fashion object-based local museum. The building was once a noble house. However, museum tells a story about an extraordinary place, so it deserves a fair amount of attention.

The Discovery of Amphorae
From the bottom of the Seas to the Museum

Basically, museum pieces are well labeled so anyone can learn something new. The purpose of having fun in a museum is fulfilled by the fact that things are arranged in a warm and sweet atmosphere of local homes, and it’s combined with some common history of these Adriatic regions, where the island and town of Korčula are not exceptions. Story about the Amphoras is one of the most emblematic ones. Maritime battles are an appealing topic. Some artworks are impressive. Fair enough.

You can hide from the Sun here, but this museum is not hiding from the sun, nor is it hiding from you. The tourist guides use it to provide some meaningful stories to the travellers.

This article was created as a random visit to a museum, and not a planned one, neither is it a visit by invitation. I wasn’t endorsed to give any opinion about the museum on my blog.

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