A Gallery that owns the loveliest views of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most astonishing historical towns in Europe. These Walls above the sea, rich architecture and beautiful surrounding landscapes… It always makes visitors wanting to stay, take pictures, and so on. 

This is my very first article about Dubrovnik. I had been in Dubrovnik several times before, because yeah, I’m from Croatia, even though my home is located 500 kms from Dubrovnik. Croatia is small, but not that small 😀

I chose the Museum of Modern Art of Dubrovnik to be the first museum or topic I will write about. Located outside the walls, it provides those dreamy, postcard views of Dubrovnik. There are no many public places with such views, as most of them belong to private homes and high-class hotels in the zone.



Yes, this is the view from the terrace 😮

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Let’s start with the building. Most architecture lovers will find the building pretty interesting. It used to be a luxury villa, a home of a wealthy businessman who lived in Dubrovnik in the early XX century. By combining the looks of authentic Dubrovnik’s buildings and villas with a spirit of then-modern times, the architect managed to create a building that makes a perfect gallery of modern art.


Art Dubrovnik? 😀

Dubrovnik is the most famous place in my country. However, it may not be that famous for museums and architecture as it is as one of the locations where the Game of Thrones was filmed. Even though I’m not a big fan of that series, I noticed beautiful visual effects and aesthetic arrangement of each detail. It’s understandable that they chose Dubrovnik, the city of Art, including modern art.

Exhibition area? Well, first, the terrace!

Dubrovnik seen from the Museum of Modern Art

The terrace is commonly used for concerts, performances, and even weddings. When setting up the tables, chairs, or stages, the staff needs to move the artwork along the terrace. So very possibly, when you visit the place, these statues will be at different places 😀

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Three floors and funny staircases.

This palace was designed to have as many as 4 floors, one of them being the reception area, and 3 of them being exhibition areas. Staircases are the most fun thing inside the museum – they just ask for pictures and selfies, being highly “instagrammable”. Still, the whole space looks like a warm home full of artworks.

There is an original elevator in the building, installed in the time of the building’s completion. And… there is a lot of art to observe, in both permanent exhibition area, and temporary exhibition area. The projects are ongoing, and anytime you come, there will always be something to visit. Guess what? There was a chair where visitors could sit and observe views through the balcony, in the exhibition area.

So, the point is: this is the perfect place to start a culture&heritage visit to Dubrovnik.

Gallery of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Gallery of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Gallery of Modern Art Dubrovnik



  • I was in Dubrovnik for a few days last year, but I regret missing out on this fabulous and beautiful museum! It actually looks quite stunning! I guess that just means I have to go back!

  • I didn’t realize there was an art museum in Dubrovnik when I visited a couple of years ago. Guess I have an excuse to go back! 🙂

  • Wish I’d known about this when I was there last month! Well, I guess I knew about it but it didn’t really occur to me to make it a priority. My loss. Next time for sure.

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