Forms of Architecture

I’m the one who really loves modern and contemporary architecture, and wherever I go, I look for the finest examples. In Scandinavia you can find wonderfully simple, functional and elegant architectural forms.

The typical housing in Finland is all about tiny houses, and more north you go, smaller they are. However, even quite wealthy people live in those types of houses. A difference between a “middle class” individual and a “richer” individual is that the second one is more likely to have his/her own sauna, while the others go to a public sauna. Anyway, most of the Finns have their holiday houses on one of the 187000 lakes, and they have saunas there.

So for me, the most exciting part of discovering this amazing country was a visit to the Alvar Aalto Museum. Here I come with some little fun details.

Alvar Aalto biography

On this wall, you can read about the architect’s biography. On the table below the timeline, you can find few “games”, created for visitors to play with architectural forms. On the left side of the picture above, there is an example of the typical forms practices by Alvar Aalto.

Playing in a Museum

Here is a detailed view, with a sandy “playground for hands”. Sure, there is a possibility to create some simple and elegant (I’m repeating the same words I said in the beginning of this article!) forms on the sands, and such forms might become a beginning of a big idea. That was the Aalto’s logic.

Learning in a Museum

There are few papers you can take and read some stories to fulfil the picture about these games. I loved this museum 🙂


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