Fake Branded Fashion in a Museum

Maybe you would really love to have one of those branded handbags whose price never goes bellow 1000 euros. Getting a Rolex or Cartier is an amazing feeling, and you also need a pair of famous shoes or glamorous sunglasses. Can you afford it? Hmm… Your story may end up in a museum, one day.

Back to the history, there is an evidence that even prehistoric cultures, such as Vučedol culture, were fashion aware. How did they create their characteristic brands? By inventing their own patterns, used on every single item. What was particularly popular? Fur, leather, wool, wooden and metallic details.

Yes, metals. The Bronze Age had just started. There was the Iron Age later. Metals were precious and reserved for wealthy people and families.

So what about those people who could not afford to order any items made of metal? There was a solution for that – ceramic. So affordable, available everywhere, easy to make, easy to shape, easy to take, bring and share.

The clay and ceramic have that typical red colour, a natural one. There was a solution for that – colouring or painting in black, hurray! Archaeologists have found numerous pieces of black ceramic during their works on excavations, on diverse sites.

Fake Fashion in Prehistory

It’s pretty clear that the item above was made of black ceramic. But it looks like some kind of metal, do you agree with me? This item is a part of the rich archaeological collections owned by the Vukovar Municipal Museum, but its context is also well described in the nearby Vučedol culture museum, situated on the respective archaeological site and the metropolis of that prehistoric culture. The item is surrounded by two other ceramic items – curiously found in their more natural colours. Notice the difference?

Apparently, there was a lot of market for counterfeit branded items as early as in the prehistoric ages. In the early times of metal exploration, it was not used for any decorative or luxury purposes, but for tools and army only. Then times changed and people started asking for more. Sounds familiar? 😀

Fake branded items 5000 years ago
Another example…

Their desire for luxury, branded, or prestigious items ended up in this Museum, and there is a certain evidence of it, although there were no social media at that time 🙂

How do you imagine our today’s fake materials and brands in a museum? Which kind of museum would it be? I know that there are several museums of the fake artefacts or even artworks. They are on my bucket list 😀


  • Very interesting points of view Lana! I can’t imagine Louis Vuitton bags in a design museum. Maybe a museum of fashion?

    • I know that in Lisbon there is a museum of fashion *and* design. But there must be a kind of bizarre museum, a museum of fake things 😀

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