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Another story about sustainable museums, and the last we prepared about the Arktikum Museum, on of the 6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland, is in front of you.

I don’t need to repeat that the most efficient way to create a more sustainable future is by teaching children about it, and that it works especially when they can learn when playing games. The Arktikum Museum has a plenty of activities to beat boredom and messages/quotes about environment.

Energy Efficiency Game, Arktikum

How this works? The upper crank is difficult to rotate. However, when you make effort to rotate it, the lightbulb on the right side is turned on immediately, which means that you produced some energy. The downer crank is very easy to rotate very quickly, but as fast as you try to rotate it, the light barely turns on.

A conclusion? I think it’s very easy 🙂

Arktikum Environment Exhibition Design

This is the Museum’s environment section.

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