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Some museums are fun simply because they have fun concepts and topics in their own collections, buildings, or stories. But some museums have a rather traditional role of preserving significant pieces of heritage, which are not widely considered to be fun. However, these museums can enhance an enjoyable learning experience for their visitors, with an appellative exhibition design.

I have already mentioned a curious fun caption that can be found in the Krka National Park, in Croatia. However, this National Par has another cultural attraction, the Burnum, one of the Croatia’s numerous archaeological sites.

Museum design

Most of the pieces found on this archaeological sites are now carefully displayed in the recently opened Museum. It’s obvious that a lot of effort, collaboration, and even a good amount of financial resources were invested in this project. This is more than just an object-based museum.

Exhibition Design, Burnum, Croatia
Background behind the physical exhibits
Exhibition Design, detail
Detail of this part

The museum is situated right next to the extensive archaeological site named Burnum. There was a typical castrum, a regular military camp of the Roman Empire, and an atypical amphitheater, that still exists and there are works of partial reconstruction recurring now, as the local community wants to have an attractive event venue.

The Roman Amphitheater in the local museum, Burnum, Croatia
The Amphitheater, still partially existent on the location.

Every single piece of heritage represented by this museum has the own context explained and interpreted, so the entire atmosphere is not as artificial or decontextualised as it’s a common opinion about museums. This creative approach to the museum exhibit display includes multimedia, screens, sounds, backgrounds, texts, special vitrines, matching colours, and many other virtudes of good design. This is how a classical type of museum can become a fun museum. A fun classical museum.

Burnum Archaeological Site, Croatia
…and the last example. We let you discover your way of visiting this nice museum 🙂


To finish this report, we’ll provide you with a picture of the mentioned Amphitheater, how it looks like at the moment.

Reconstruction of a Roman Amphitheater, Burnum, Croatia.

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