A Cool Signage on the Floor

This was my day to visit the Croatian School Museum (Hrvatski školski muzej) in Zagreb. I had been there before, but as they announced a great delegation on one of the first Fun Museums presentations, I decided to give them a particular attention.

You certainly know what is the “hopscotch”? Sure, that’s a worldwide children’s game! In Croatia it’s named literally “school game”, or actually “little school game” (igra školice, škola=school). The Croatian School Museum is an unique concept-based museum where you can learn about the history of schooling in Croatia and surrounding countries (also ex-countries). Even though the museum is oriented mostly to the local people and groups from Croatia, it’s a highly fun place where you can see how the classroom used to be, how the diplomas and evidence books used to be, and so on. There are also some paintings made by Croatian fine artists from the XX century.

But before you visit that museum, you’ll find a little school game designed on the street in front of the entrance. The building is shared between the Museum and few more institutions, but you won’t get lost while looking for this nice museum.

Hopscotch in front of the Croatian School Museum in Zagreb

Zagreb is a particularly cool city. It’s particularly famous for its Museum of Illusions and Museum of Broken Relationships, while the Museum of Arts and Crafts is classical. In Zagreb you’ll find great and affordable restaurants and a lot of fun in all aspects.

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