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In the 19th century, the Arts and Crafts movement made a kind of revolution in England, provoking later the Art Nouveau movement along with the Vienna’s Secession, which leaded to the creation of the Bauhaus school of applied arts.

But this is just the narrow meaning of the term “arts and crafts”. The wide meaning is that talking about arts and crafts we consider the creative production of utilities art as well. The mentioned movement started developing such mindset, but it didn’t ended with Bauhaus, it is still being developed, and now we have creative industries.

The picture above show the way how chairs from different periods of time are represented in the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. So simple – there is a canvas, the viewer can go in front of the canvas to see the chair, but there is also a possibility to go behind the canvas and observe the shadows. The icons just serve to show which chair lies behind each shadow.

There is an infinite number of ways to display things on a fun way. Should we ask visitors which moment they found particularly fun? Maybe we should. So, think of the chairs, and look at some other examples from the same museum. This is the especially designed room for the Asian art. Notice the exhibition design.

Asian Art MAK Vienna
The Exhibition Design in the room of Asian art.
Asian Art MAK Vienna
Detail from the room of Asian art in the MAK Vienna

…and look at the ways how labels are created:

Museum Labels, MAK Vienna
Handwritten Labels in the Asian Art room, MAK Vienna

A kind of impressive originality, isn’t it? Now, here is another example, a view from the upper gallery to a lower room, this time the Baroque room:

Room inside a room - MAK Vienna
Room inside a room – the baroque room viewed from the upper gallery, MAK Vienna

Downstairs, when you are in this room, you didn’t notice such architectural form. You just enter into this room inside the room, and watch the baroque furniture. I don’t bring the photo from inside, trying to create a feeling of surprise.

Technology has provided new ways for creative industries. Most of them are nicely applicable to museums. Even if it’s only about content or messages. Look at this:

Are you sure? MAK Vienna
Software message in the museum – are you sure?

That famous “are you sure” question. Agree or not agree, that is the question.

I need to mention that this museum has wifi. Oh yeah. I tweeted during my visit!

So now, what would you choose as the funnest part of this museum?

MAK Vienna is a museum with strong digital identity and presence. This article reflects my personal opinion, and a choice of museums to visit is deliberately mine. I wasn’t endorsed by this museum(s) to write anything else than my views on my blog.

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