A Museum of Fun

This museum is a landmark and a fun factory. Today I’ll be talking about a must-visit place, the main reason why I had a perfect day in Philadelphia. Like most visitors, I had limited time, so I tried to understand the whole concept by visiting a selected number of collections.

I named my blog “Fun Museums” in order to highlight all the fun and enjoyable experiences in and around museums. My last article was a visual guide for walking from the Independence Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Now we are virtually entering this gorgeous building and wonderful institution, a museum that I decided to call “a museum of fun”.

This is a classical, object-based, famous museum. It deserves a different kind of attention than concept-based, small or local museums.

Long story short, the first day when I arrived at the Lehigh University Campus to join the Global Village program, I declared my interest in visiting this museum during the day trip to Philly. A friend of the Global Village who came to visit us, Marco, borrowed me his Museum Club Member card, so I got as much as 4 (four) free tickets. A single ticket costs $20. We were 6 visiting the museum, so we paid $40 total or around $6.70 per person.

In the moments of writing this article, I came to the idea to join some museum organization, in order to get discounts for multiple visits to museums. So I will be able to dedicate more of my time to museums, and I will have more money left for buying products in the museum shops. I will keep you updated about it!

The Grandiosity


Oh, skylines! This Museum is situated on a pretty impressive location. The building itself is an example of eclectic classicism, reminding on the structures of ancient templates and various monumental European buildings that were commonly designed between XVI and XIX centuries in large cities.

Furthermore, the building was constructed on a hill, overlooking an astonishing skyline of Philly. A monumental staircase in front of the entrance is a great place for sitting, hanging out and taking selfies, even though many people who are enjoying the scenery are not pretending to visit the museum. The place is, I will simply say, beautiful. Anyway, the museum is full of visitors, at least outdoor visitors (*laugh*).

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The staircases inside the museum are also impressive. I decided to interpret them with my “digital art” of human-arts-nature interaction. The girl on the staircases is Weishan, also known as Cherry, a Chinese girl who attended the GV program with me. She is another #girlwhotravels 😀


European & American Art

Why there are so many pieces of European Art in American Museums? The reasons for that are many, but it was mostly because of the European emigrants, who were boarding the ship for the USA, and brought with them all the artworks they owned. Later they offered their legacy to museums, or their children did so. The European Art has been curated in three groups – medieval/late medieval, renaissance/baroque/classicism and late 19th century. This is a lot of things to visit. I preferred to focus on American art, something new for me. There is an Asian art collection – I had no time to see that.

American Art Collection
A humble room…
American Art Collection
…used by sister Marguerite Frost

By taking these two pictures I wanted to show you that there is a room inside a room, something similar to the example I found in Vienna last year, so you can see that it was a real room and it was modest. Oh, what about luxury furniture, the items I used to explain to children aged 7 as princess furniture? There are lots of these items. Oh, this composition also looks like a real room 🙂

Philadelphia Museum of Art - American Art

It reminds me sooo much on my museum 😀

There was a particular thing that I absolutely loved, and my friends did too. The collection of glass, within the American Art department.

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Museum Selfie
Oh, Museum Selfie, we could not resist 😀

Moments with fine arts

Let alone the applied arts & crafts.

This museum is a paradise for people who like Impressionist paintings; there is a plenty of works by Monet, Renoir, and Degas, as well as a few Post-Impressionist geniuses such as Vincent van Gogh. The walls are painted in diverse colors, making the whole visitor experience more immersive.

Philadelphia Museum of Art - American Art
In the American Fine Arts department…


Philadelphia Museum of Art - Edgar Degas
Sculpture by Edgar Degas


Philadelphia Museum of Art Van Gogh
Wait… what Artist is that? 🙂

We loved the Museum shop

A sweet thing at the end, a place you could not miss. Generally, I can say that on this blog I rate museum shops. The ones I start talking about are the good ones. In some museums, you will not purchase anything. Some museum shops have only huge books that you will not buy even if you are a book lover because otherwise, you would pay for extra weight in your luggage. Some museums miss creating smaller brochures, while some people do not buy paper editions at all. What about souvenirs? They should be original, not cheap, but not too expensive for your audience.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has it all.

Philadelphia Museum of Art shop
No words are necessary, in my opinion. I bought a Monet puzzle for my friend here.

This is a cool museum. It has Snapchat. These are some examples of their snaps, just click on one you like to read what is on it. I’m talking about a real Museum of Fun.


Museum of Fun

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