The Wonderful Process of Constructing Trains

Nenad Medić is one of those people who are lucky enough to do what they love for a living, and don’t have to separate between work and leisure time, profession and hobby… This is the second story from the series “Reasons to love railways”., sent by the Croatian Railway Museum. Each story presents one person who passionately appreciates railways. To read the first story, please follow this link.

Nenad’s weekend photo session photographs came from yet another interesting email address- nenadmedex, and their motives are mostly trains and locomotives. It is no wonder – Nenad works as an engineer for motor vehicle maintenance, he is 44 years old, and has worked at Končar Električna vozila d.d. since 2008.

Portrait with train
Nenad in front of the brand new train from the Končar factory, Croatia

“My love for the railway started when I was three years old, during my trips from Zagreb to Zadar on the “Kornat-express” train, at which time the DMU called the “Frenchman” was operating. This was in July 1974, we travelled by train to Zadar and further to the island of Ugljan by ferry. The “Frenchman” train was brand new, pleasant-smelling, with sensor-operated doors separating passenger spaces. I spent most of my journey playing next to these doors, which were opening for no reason, and I would pass through them. After the first trip, I would often ask my mother to take me to the Zagreb Main Railway Station to watch trains. In 1983, after attending the first exhibition of the Railway Modellers’ Club at the Zagreb Technical Museum, I became a member, and in December 2005, I discovered the railway forum Using this forum, I met many rail enthusiasts, among them Dragutin and Berislav, with whom I have ever since travelled across Croatia and the surrounding countries. My job is also my hobby, which means I really do what I love, and one of my most memorable experiences was a visit to the Südbahnmuseum in Mürzzuschlag in 2014, and a photo safari along the Semmering railway line with Dragutin and Berislav.

When asked to mention something he is especially proud of, Nenad said:

“Right after I had started my job at Končar, we began making a low-floor 4412 series EMU prototype for the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was working on monitoring the construction of coach bodies and on manufacturing, adapting and assembly of train parts. After producing the prototype, I participated in test runs on Bosnian, Croatian and Czech lines. In 2010, on Christmas Eve, I was a member of the team that delivered it to the purchaser, Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Sarajevo depot in Rajlovac. The first train photographs, together with films, were also made during the first test runs on the Sarajevo – Bradina line sections. I am very proud to have these archives.”

Travelling and exploring…


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