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We all have at least some idea about how the contemporary summer music festivals make trends. Usually these summer festival last for 5, 6 or 7 days, are held on a beach or next to a lake, many times there is a special campsite for visitors who therefore sleep in tends. The most ardent admirers of these events have their bucket list for it, and that’s even their way to travel the world. 

The title of this article sounds something like this, doesn’t it? Except the world history, maybe, that as a theme of conversation seems to have very little to do with such concept. Nevertheless, such festivals started adopting similar names, so this summer there was a program named “Garden of Art”, on a specific place in Croatia. Basically it was an after beach party for electronic music fans, whose style and branding got a kind of artistic approach, out of usual concepts used for these events.

This article is about the Open Air History Alive, which is yet a bit different, also in the way that the title was invented by me, specifically for this article.

On the island of Krk, Northern Adriatic, Croatia, there is a late-antiquity archaeological site known as Mirine-Fulfinum. The place owns a privileged location next to the sea, with a tiny beach right in front. Perfect inspiration for enthusiastic Instagramers and photographers in general. In the summer, the place becomes a stage for reviving the antiquity, with theatrical programs such as battles or family life in the Roman Empire. The performances could be organized on a better way and has a lot of room for improvements in the following years, but a particularly creative part is the convenient dinner, made from ingredients which were commonly used in the Classical and Late Antiquity.

Fotosofia Day Omišalj 2014, Mirine Fulfinum
The former Basilica is now the stage for historical open air programs. Photo by: Andrea Štefanac for Fotosofia Day Omišalj

The photo above was taken by a participant of the Fotosofia Day Workshop. “Fotosofia” is a conceptualized program for photographers who want to create valuable work by following and completing a task given by organizers and partners (in this case Omišalj Municipality, the “territory” where Mirine Fulfinum is situated).

The dinner terrace is situated right in front of the Basilica’s wall and it provides you with a view over the theatrical programs and and the waterfront, with a boat as a part of this program.



The food is served as a slow food, in several sequences. Typical Roman toga is given to guests, however we didn’t use them due to hot summer temperatures which didn’t go below 30 C, even in the midnight. The event is organized once per year, but has an enormous potential to attract tourists to this archeological site, that for being small and one of thousands on the Mediterranean cannot have a higher relevance as a heritage site only.

I don’t think that the solution is in hosting summer music festivals, but it can still be fun with more audience-specific programs. We’ll make sure to promote the next events and initiatives being held here, just to remind everyone that this place is an Open Air History Alive!

Look at this noble Roman family in front of the Basilica. Seems that regular people are only allowed to look at them through the glass window. However, here you can only look at them while sitting on the dinner terrace 🙂

Mirine Fulfinum Omišalj
Family Life in the Late Antiquity

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