Museum announcing a Museum – part 2

Asdescribed in the previous post, there is tiny little building on the Berlin’s Museumsinsel, called Humboldt Box. We all know that there is a Humboldt Foundation and Humboldt University. The Humboldt Box is a little museum, announcing the Germany’s greatest project of the upcoming years, the Humboldt Forum.

This photo, taken inside the Box, is a detail of the maquette, which shows how Berlin used to be before the II World War. The detail shows that there was a palace, on the place where today we see the construction site, raising the new Humboldt Forum.

Old Berlin maquette, featuring the old palace
Looks like a painting but this is a detail from the maquette of the old Berlin, placed in the Humboldt Box

The royal palace, where Prussian kings and German emperors were based, was badly damaged and completely erased by the beginning of the 50s. Having consideration about the Berlin’s urban structures and the value of the Museumsinsel, Humboldt Forum will be a virtual reconstruction of the Palace, having few modern details in its facade, and a futuristic museum concept inside.

"A Forum for the World"
When visiting the Humboldt Box, you start by exploring the plan and structure of the new museum…

To be continued…

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