Welcome to the Museum 2018!

Dear reader, this is the Museum 2018.

First of all, I wish you a happy 2018. Now, let’s embrace museums.

Embrace Museums.

A “museum” is not a strictly defined thing. There are museums, collections, galleries, temporary exhibitions… There are interpretation centers. When I say “collections” I mean, each one of us can create a collection, without showing it to the public. Then it can be called “a museum of my own imagination” or something like that.

I once said that this page belongs to museums, and it became a slogan. By having a page that really belongs to museums, I would like to invite everyone to embrace museums. Particularly because 2018 is the European Year of Culture Heritage! Whether you are European or not (or maybe you haven’t been in Europe yet), you are invited to assist virtually.

Embrace museums 2018

In September last year, I was a part of the conference called “The Best in Heritage”, in Dubrovnik. As the name suggests, the conference presents the very best of everything related to museums and heritage, from art museums to science museums. Dubrovnik itself is an outdoors museum – a small town full of historical buildings and stories, like a big birthday cake.

What is a Museum 2018?

This is everything you can imagine. But, my ideas about it are somehow specific. You can tell me if you agree, or provide your ideas, in the comments section of this page.

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The Museum 2018 is – inclusive.

This is more than just accessibility. Many studies have shown that people feel mental or psychological barriers rather than any physical. In other words, people feel like they are not “smart enough” or “good enough” to go to museums. Inclusion is also in showing how easy and enjoyable a museum visiting experience can be.

The same applies to classical museums, art museums, and any kind of “old-school” museums…

How to visit a museum 2018

On the picture: National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon, Portugal

…or any kind of “modern”, “interactive” museum, as well as, usually more appealing to most people, science museums…

Smithsonian National Space and Air Museum, Washintgon DC - About the history of Aviation..

On the picture: National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC

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The Museum 2018: Even though you are not a curator or any other museum professional, you are reading this article.

Do you recognize yourself in this subtitle? If yes, the Museum 2018 is ready to receive you. You somehow ended up on this page, ready to embrace museums.

In the local surroundings, museums may be the most beautiful places to come for a peaceful moment of introspection, or for hanging out with friends. While some travel writers, when writing about visiting museums, will suggest you to “bring your own food” because “museum food is expensive”, I will say that it’s not true. In reality, when visiting expensive cities such as New York or Berlin, you may find more affordable snacks, drinks, or even lunch in museums than elsewhere around the city.

Also, many museum restaurants and cafeterias are beautiful and peaceful, ideal places to meet with close friends. These spaces are parts of museums, usually reflecting everything you can find in the exhibition areas.

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb - the museum restaurant has a vegan menu

On the picture: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb – this museum has a restaurant with a great choice of vegan, gluten-free, eco meals.

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The Museum 2018: An immersive place to learn and get informed

Imagine that you have a question.You may want to ask what are some of the Northernmost areas in Europe.

Google is your friend. You will find an answer, for sure. Google will tell you that there are places/towns such as Rovaniemi, Inari, Bugoynes, Hammerfest, Alta, and so on. You may ask where is the Santa Claus Village because you know that such a thing exists somewhere in the area. Google will tell you it’s located in Rovaniemi, in the region of Finnish Lapland.

You can read a number of pages about the area, to understand the phenomena of northern lights, polar nights&days, the life of people in these areas, or other curiosities.

But the thing is: once you are traveling there you want to get into an immersive experience. Reading articles is not enough. You will want and need to feel the moment. Instead of reading the scientific explanations for polar days and nights, you may want to play this game and learn about it visually and kinetically.

Polar Day and Polar Night, Arktikum Museum

On the picture: The Sun and the Earth. Months and Seasons. December 16, the day when we were there. Arktikum Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland. 

Read my answer on Quora about this museum.

In conclusion, you may not always know the question you want to ask. Museums answer some questions you were not aware of. Museums may provoke new questions, and some museums started organizing “chats with curators” who answer visitors’ questions. One well-known initiative is the Ask a Curator day on Twitter, where many famous museums participate.

The Museum 2018 invites everyone to: Create and Participate

During that Best in Heritage conference, many museum professionals talked about participation. A Museum 2018 does not sleep. Their staff tries to prepare something for local community and visitors. Maybe you didn’t know about some of these things they organized or created, even though it was near you. Did they do a good marketing, you will ask me. Did they have means for a “good marketing”, I will ask you. Please, help museums.

If you like them.

Once you are reading this article, you probably like them, or you have just started liking them.

The Museum 2018 will get more visitors. Because visiting museums will not be a strict activity anymore. It will be an emotional, relaxing, happiness-increasing activity. The way it is already, for years. But, the show goes on and evolves.

Museum 2018: Embrace Museums

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