Making Train Models

Travelling by train is amazing, isn’t it? We are working on a post series about a group of “railfans”, featured by the Croatian Railway Museum. The youngest one among railfans is Ivan Dukić (nickname Kapo I), an unemployed 20 years old professional photographer from Matulji, and besides being a photographer, he is also a qualified railway traffic worker.

Railway Selfie

His identity as a fan was determined by his “genetic code”, which was written during the walks he used to take as a child with his grandparents and parents to the Matulji station. As a secondary school student, he commuted by train, always holding his camera close. At the photography school, he mastered the secrets of the trade, which he made use of by taking pictures of trains and the railway. He bought his first 1:87 scale quality locomotive in Hungary, in 2009, and this marked the beginning of his hobby making model trains. During the years, he collected models, and is currently planning to build a large one in his railway room. Together with making train models and photography, he collects old memorabilia and books connected with the railway.

Croatian Railway Museum Outdoors
Ivan Dukić in the Croatian Railway Museum

-“I’ve experienced many nice, but also sad moments on the railway, I’ve met many good people and seen beautiful landscapes, but it is hard to pick a specific moment”, says Ivan, who is young enough to still make this choice at some point.

Outdoor museum of trains, Croatia
Cargo wagons in the Croatian Railway Museum

These are some pieces collected by the Croatian Railway Museum. Keep up with our post series about reasons to love railways – click here.

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