Big and Small Railway

This is one of the 6 stories provided by the Croatian Railway Museum‘s greatest fans. Tomislav Špehar is 58 years old and lives in Rijeka. He is a professional cook, who had to leave the kitchen because of illness and retired in 1999. Since then, he has had more time for his favourite hobby – the small and big railway.

Registered under Thomas.Aqeenian@ in cyberspace, every time he sends new photographs to the joint ferrofanatics’ address, and he does that almost every day, one gets the feeling of being directly in contact with St. Thomas Acquinas. Besides various motives of Rijeka railway station or from a trip to the unknown, he often takes snaps of a delicious meal he’s prepared himself and that he can delight in afterwards…

His late father, who worked as a train examiner in Rijeka, instilled a love for the railway into Tomislav, about which he said:

“Even as a small child I felt a thirst for trains and the big and small railway. I was able to realize my obsession for the big railway partly by photographing DC system electrical locomotives (HŽ 1061), when it was already known that they will be replaced, because the electrical traction system substitution in the area of Rijeka was progressing.

I wanted to take as many pictures as I could, so that they can be documented in photographs as a part of history of a machine. My hobby is also making railway models, which I make mostly of paper. I also collect written materials connected to this region, such as timetables, regulations and other printed matter.

Regardless of my age and weight, it is no trouble for me at all to get into any sort of space to make a good photograph. All right, I am being careful; you still have to keep your head on your shoulders! There is no special moment or a special photograph for me to be proud of, because going to the railway tracks is always something special for me. People often ask me: ‘What are you photographing here all the time, what is so interesting about it?’ The railway is always interesting for me and I will always find a motive which will challenge me to take a picture – even if it is just a bolt by the rails.”

So far, we have 2 stories about rail fans published on Fun Museums. The first is about a young student who makes train models. The second is about a man who works in a company which constructs trains.

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