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Maybe today we are living “The Age of Museums”, and such title would sound more attractive than the popular game “The Age of Empires”. The number of museums worldwide has been growing drastically in the last 10 years. We see many communities forming new fun stories by forming museums.

Punat is a village situated on the Krk island, Croatia. There is a plenty of interesting and appealing stories about the local life and inhabitants in the centuries of history, but one of the most remarkable think is the so called “littoral living”, or “seaside landscapes”, “or fishing traditions” and everything related with the fact that this village is situated on the Adriatic Sea, a part of Mediterranean.

Punat Sea Art

There is a lot of fun in the simple concept of outdoor, open-air museums. While there are numerous official open-air museums across the world, there ar also many places that form a kind of “unofficial museums”. I wrote about a highly attractive isolated building that form a part of a museum complex, while I also see a lot of examples of creative events based on heritage sites.

The example of “Punat Sea Art” is another example. A group of art students was invited to create a sculpture based on the theme of “fishing tools”. It was an artist colony, and the first step in creation of an open-air museum of local landscapes and traditions. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm, had a very fun week in the village, and they would recommend other artists to come here, for the next artistic colonies organised within the project. The result of their work is a monumental metal sculpture that reminds on a fishing process, and the metal-material was entirely recycled from the previous waste.

There is a blog created for this project, and there is also a Facebook page where you can get informed about the progress of this museum project.

Don’t miss the opportunity to follow a creation of a new museum, and get some ideas how to get one for your own community 🙂

Recycling old iron for artwork, Krk island, Croatia
The raw material and recycling…
Creating the first pieces of art for the new open-air museum
Creating the artwork
Turning a boring public place into an open-air museum
Putting the statue on-site
Completing the statue for the Open air Museum, Krk island, Croatia
Final works on the statue
Open air museum - fishing tools.
Fishing tools.
Open-air metal statue "Fishing tools"
This museum is *really* in progress!

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