Artificial Museums

Art is a living thing. It happens all the time. It used to happen in the past, so we have the History of Art as a social science. It will continue happening, so talking with artists is always a good idea. 

Afonso Cruz, a Portuguese artist who makes literature, music, animations and illustrations was recently invited to talk about his book The Kokoschka Doll in Zagreb, after the book was translated to Croatian. I asked him if he thinks that…

…Museums are fun?

He said:

“Museums are artificial places. Pieces were taken out of their natural or original locations, in order to be placed in museums. Imagine these old churches full of treasures which were suddenly removed, to fulfill a thematic museum. Or these dead animals that we see in natural history museums. I don’t know if that’s fun at all.”

What do you think?

The word artificial is derived from the word art. Afonso is a versatile artist who creates different realities and questions identities. Can we rethink museums and find fun in their artificial realities and contexts? Or we could create a living alternative to museums? Join the Fun Museums Talks!

Afonso Cruz in Zagreb
A literature talk in Zagreb, with Afonso Cruz

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