Announcing the Fun Museums Talks

Don’t be just a museum visitor. Don’t be just a Fun Museums reader, neither we need regular users to like or share our posts. Be a participative member. Challenge our limits, challenge your community. Talk about museums.

Fun Museums Talks is a crowdsourcing platform for Ideas for Museums that are Fun. We will be launching challenges, however, you’ll be able to launch your own too. This month challenge is

Would you like to know what this place was, before becoming a ? Do you have any ideas?


I would like to know what this building was, before becoming a museum.

Don’t forget to use the #hashtag #FunMuseumsTalks, like it happened on this example we made:

Let’s go 🙂

We’ll give you few ideas for this month challenge:

Try to figure out what this beautiful atrium was built for!

What is the purpose of the place that has the world’s smallest book? What is the book’s purpose?

This looks like a fancy heritage hotel rather than a museum. Would like to figure it out.

In which building they placed this Museum of Broken Relationships?

Is it possible that there is no museum here yet? 😀

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