“A Suitcase Full of Stuff”

Things can be very fun when translated literally. In Croatia, the expression “pun kufer svega”, means something like “a suitcase  full of stuff”, when translated literally to English. The expression does not mean that you packed too many things in your suitcase, but of course, this is an idiomatic expression, usually used in the context of fatigue or overwork, or overthinking. Simple, when you’re tires, you say that you charged your suitcase with too much stuff.

The Croatian Museum of Tourism once organized an exhibition, whose title was exactly this expression. The exhibition was a project designed to show how travelling used to be in the past, focused mostly on the history of Opatija, the town where museum is situated, which was also the first seaside holiday resort in the region.

People were arriving to Opatija for vacation, with “suitcases full of stuff”. Literally and idiomatically; sure that their suitcases were full of things for their holiday time, but they also needed such a deserved relaxation of all the stuff that packed their “kufer”=”suitcase”.

The exhibition was a fun and fulfilling experience to visit, since it was a place to learn about things we had never had any idea about.

Exhibition in the Croatian Museum of Tourism, 2013/14
This suitcase was full of everything! (Click twice on picture, to get it in the full resolution!)

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