Sustainable Travel & Heritage

It is getting increasingly popular to talk ideas about sustainable travel. As a heritage and culture traveler, I decided to research what are the possibilities to travel sustainably. So, here comes my first big research that is supposed to result in new products, and new opportunities for museums and heritage.

First of all, what is the sustainability and sustainable travel?

Sustainability is not a political opinion, but a choice of values. It doesn’t apply only to obvious industries, but to everyone. Likewise, sustainability is not necessarily activism. After all, it is about lifestyle and daily choices, and not about coulda, shoulda, woulda.

I have already made some effort to travel more sustainably. For instance, I reduced the single use plastics, by getting a nice and practical bottle i can easily refill. Further, I decided to travel more slowly, staying on the same places for longer, thus discovering the local culture better and consuming local products.

Sustainable travel - slow travel
One of my slow travel missions is to draw and paint on places. During the lockdown and travel restrictions, I made an initiative of drawing places from reference photos.

The desire to create products for sustainable travel and sustainable heritage made me start a research. But i don’t want just to read books and make assumptions.

Moreover, I would like to hear your voices. So I made this questionnaire, with the goal to see how my readers and followers feel about this important and beautiful topic.

How will this research work?

First, I would like to hear what are your first and basic associations to the sustainable travel. That way, I will be able to present ideas that will be clear to you. In the second phase, I will create some prototypes and ask you to evaluate them. In the third phase, I will try to filter the best ideas.

The questionnaire of the first phase allows anonymous answers, but it also leaves you an opportunity to share your contact information and allow me to invite you to the second phase.

Participants of the third phase will be selected during the second phase. Apart from participating in that phase, they will also be invited to work with me or my partners on new projects.

After all, this is the time to change the travel industry, and the collaboration between museums and tourism.

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