The Founder of Fun Museums – Lana Pajdas

During its years of activity, Fun Museums was a blog and a multi-author site with several writers. Together we were working on a voluntary basis, and the project eventually didn’t work due to a limited support from peers and a lack of engaged audience who would help us getting funding and monetising opportunities.

The Founder of Fun Museums is Lana Pajdas, who started the webpage in the early 2015. To understand who is she, here is a short timeline of her career and development of ideas.

Lana Pajdas

Before you read the whole story, it is important to notice that Lana’s stories go around the seaside and nature, adding artistic creation and language stories in the mix, before focusing on people as the heart of heritage and culture. Everything on this blog is created and supposed to be taken lightly, without any academic rigour. Lana and other authors make sure that the information is accurate and up to date.

Now, let’s focus on Lana’s path to these ideas and moments.

2003-2007 – teenage years

Lana was a high school student during that time. As an introverted and shy teenager, she enjoyed her grandmother’s book collection and traveling with her parents and sister. Although she loved drawing and painting in her earlier years, she wasn’t confident about following such a career just yet. Instead, she chooses to analyse the art.

In Versailles, 2007

2007-2010 – History of Art student

Zagreb years, in which Lana studied History of Art and Portuguese language on the Faculty of Philosophy (Humanities in general). She also worked at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Croatia’s biggest museum, as an exhibition guide. That experience was very important for her idea development. Read more about it in the specific Museum Workers article.

Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb, 2009

2010-2013 – Portuguese years

Portugal years. Lana attended the innovative course of European Heritage and Digital Media at the University of Coimbra, the country’s oldest university. Getting fluent in Portuguese language was the most important outcome of this experience. Although the course itself didn’t meet all the expectations, the attitude of challenging the usual education models came from these years. Living in the country severely affected by the inflated economic crisis was a valuable experience to understand how money is an essential good and an essential bad at the same time.

Speaking at a student creative business conference in Coimbra, in 2012

2014-2018 – Social Media Content Marketing

Back to Croatia, Lana mostly worked as a social media manager for a variety of clients. Meanwhile, she traveled to several countries (including Portugal again). The most amazing experiences were the ones on the Arctic and a special summer school of global and intercultural leadership on the Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The long-term collaboration with the clients was the toughest part of these years, due to incredible complexity of creative work, expectations from client and never-ending struggles to balance between the budgets and working hours. During that time she started Fun Museums, but it was merely a hobby. So were museums in general. There were a couple of heritage related projects, though.

The Founder of Fun Museums - Lana Pajdas
In Lisbon during the Web Summit conference in 2016

2019 – Heritage interpretation, conference speeches, illustrations, slow travel

The year of 2019 had a particular importance.

The big project of heritage interpretation and communication included a variety of activities, from trade fairs to conference speeches. The topic were the Frankopans, a historical family who ruled the Croatian region of Kvarner (where Lana is from), and a cultural route through their material heritage. Unlike most of the other heritage interpreters, Lana opted to take a disruptive approach and speak about that history with a close correlation with the show Game of Thrones, among other innovations. The series Lost Castles Tour was the beginning of Lana’s new, illustration career.

In the beginning of the conference speech at the Sense and Sustainability Conference in Zagreb, May 2019. It was the interpretation of a cultural route and the funky stories that surround it.

Additionally, she spent 2 months in Ancona (central Italy) researching the possibilities for business projects in heritage and creative industries. It resulted in a quick adaptation of Italian language as an addition to Croatian, English and Portuguese. The three-weeks trip to Greece in October resulted in the decision about adopting the concept of slow travel.

The Founder of Fun Museums - Lana Pajdas
Inside the Bode Museum in Berlin, during a very interesting exhibition about global art, March 2019

2020-2021 – Art of Discovery, Fun Museums Social, Fun Museums as a multi-writer curiosity platform

The unfortunate worldwide circumstances changed some plans, but some of them for good. While some projects could not take place, many incredible opportunities were sped up. One of them is the transformation of Fun Museums into a platform, invitations of guest writers, art education. Most importantly, the huge choice of webinars and online conferences allowed a fast learning about the concepts of inclusion.

During this time Lana also started learning Greek language, more precisely the modern version of the language for the conversational level. It is has been a difficult process, but it also resulted in some new perspectives about heritage and storytelling. We have many words of Greek origin, and Lana makes sure to occasionally post about it on Fun Museums.

The Founder of Fun Museums - Lana Pajdas
On the Greek island of Serifos in August, 2020

2021 – New steps

In the whole fuss with social media algorithms, clickbait-hungry media, along with superficial influencers, it is incredibly difficult to gain the needed exposure for ideas that require a longer attention span from readers and listeners. Lana’s idea was to help the audiences achieve mental and emotional well-being through the curiosity and art. Even after quitting the Fun Museums project, Lana wants to continue working in creating a great content about art and travel.

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More is about to come!