10 Heritage Travel Posts of my Choice

Fun Museums is all about museums that are fun, and all about heritage and culture travel. Here I come with a selection of 10 great articles about similar travel topics, that inspired me in my research and work. Every day I read some travel blogs Continue Reading

Hello, how can I help you?

Good evening. Good evening. Welcome to the Hotel Fun. How can I help you? I have a reservation. I would like to get a non-smoking room with a garden view. No problem (smile). Just a moment… Would you like to stay in the Hotel Fun? Continue Reading

Museum Shopping in Finland

Shopping is a part of travelling usually. Many travellers will buy typical products and go to particular local shops. It’s not only for souvenirs or memories, but also for useful products. Some people buy antique books or jewellery when travelling. Choices are many. Many well-equiped Continue Reading

Hotels & Restaurants

I had an amazing opportunity to stay in a state-owned holiday center in Lapland, one of the 10 existing across all Finland, and the northernmost of all. These holiday centers were created to host school children and students who travel to meet their own country. Continue Reading

Forms of Architecture

I’m the one who really loves modern and contemporary architecture, and wherever I go, I look for the finest examples. In Scandinavia you can find wonderfully simple, functional and elegant architectural forms. The typical housing in Finland is all about tiny houses, and more north Continue Reading

His name is Alvar. Alvar Aalto.

Several notable Finns became famous worldwide in diverse fields of study or work. One of them is Alvar Aalto, The Architect, and also a designer. I have already published a story of the exhibition about Jean Sibelius, another man who shaped the contemporary Finnish culture. Continue Reading

This is in a Museum

My last post highlighted an interesting detail from the SIIDA – Sami Culture Museum – a traditional fishing boat with a giant salmon on it. Although the large part of discovery in the Lapland region occurs outside museums, here you can learn more about things Continue Reading

Rivers full of Salmons

Some rivers of Lapland are full of salmons. I’m not going to say a lot of things about this fish species, I’ll just tell an interesting little story. As salmon is a popular food and sportfish, many tourists in Lapland and Finnmark (the northernmost region Continue Reading

The Snowy Open-Air Gallery Of Fantasy

Before visiting a real museum – the Sami Culture Museum, we experienced everything the Museum talks about. Here is the gallery, notice the Sami people in their traditional costumes, beautiful reindeer, typical cabins, the forests and vegetation, and much more. This is a story about Continue Reading