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Hello, beautiful people, my name is Lana and I simply love to travel!

Croatia is my country. So far I have visited 20 other countries. So, yeah, you already got it, this is a travel blog, and also a discovery blog, business girl blog, and a blog with fun stories from museums.

I really love the idea of changing the world. As soon as people are feeling happy, they will be more peaceful, do you agree with me?

If your answer is yes, you should really check how I think that museums are changing the world! If you feel like relaxing instead, try getting some inspiration for your next trip. Nature can be amazing so don’t forget that it’s is our main Museum of Beauty. For quick insights, follow my Instagram account and discover the human-nature interaction and obviously the art-nature interaction.




“Work done without passion cannot be a good work.” In front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, July 2016

Let’s go back to the museums. I’m a proud member of the Global Village Network, an alumni club named after the summer program organized by the Lehigh University that I attended. This is one of the world’s finest multicultural business alumni clubs if not absolutely the finest.

While attending this program, I got 87 brothers and sisters from all over the world. How did they call me?

The Museum Queen, can you imagine that, smart people?

Honestly, I really love telling stories. Museums are full of stories and they contain some selected information you might not know how to find. There is a variety of museum types – art museums, science museums, etc. etc. There is something for every person on the planet.

I kindly guarantee you, my reader, that I will find a perfect museum for you, on a place you are visiting, that fits exactly in your most accentuated passions. I might not have visited this museum, but I will easily find what it is all about and if it’s worth visiting.

Don’t forget, this blog is a crowdsourcing project, so you are all welcome to apply and contribute. If you are from a museum, feel free to submit your information, after you read our terms & conditions.



At a Roman Empire show, on the original arcaheological site in Omisalj, Croatia. July 2015.


The Magnificent Joy of Discovery

Trust me, this blog is not only about museums. This is about everything you might love about any place on the planet. This blog has a few fundamental values, such as sustainable development and tolerance. Although many topics I write about might provoke disagreements, sensitive issues, some kind of controversies or any other misunderstanding, I claim that it is never intentional. If you find anything that bothers you, in any of my articles or a guests’articles, please let me know by private message, instead of commenting publicly. I’ll guarantee you to find the most appropriate way to change the contents and reestablish the dialogue.

Don’t forget, I’m not a native English speaker. My grammar might be incorrect, although I check it, and use certain tools that help me. You are free to correct me, in a private message. Please use public comments only for your expressions, experiences or questions.

If you find your joy of discovery in any of this blog’s contents and want to use one of my pictures or quote my texts, it’s perfectly fine, as long as you credit the content to come from the Fun Museums blog, or specify the author (me or a guest).

How did I start?

Above all, I’m a bit crazy girl.


Lana from Fun Museums, travelling in Lapland

Discovering traditions and culture of the Sami people in Lapland, Finland. December 2015.


Some mix between a professional business lady and a childish adventurer. I didn’t become a traveler from one day to another. I was raised to be a traveler. In 2007, at age 18, I went to Paris with my family and I visited 6 museums in one single day, so I completed a big picture about all the human history – from the pre-history to the contemporary ages.

At the same time, I was writing a funny teenage blog in my language at that time. In late 2014 I figured out an idea for a blog about museums. The main challenge was to make people read the posts about museums. Does anyone have a concentration for that? Do you feel like reading about museums? Trust me, I like to party. I’m a night owl. I’m an extrovert (ENFJ). Sometimes I have hard times concentrating on a book. I’m not a kind of person that you might expect from someone who is passionate about museums.

I had a pivot, just like startups. I had to change my concept. I will be writing about it soon.

Interested in some of my topics for professional reasons?

If you find anything that might be useful for your personal or professional development that I can provide you or if you have any interest to collaborate, please check the work with me section and find what I can do for you. If you become my client, you will get a VIP status in any of my projects.

Now, time to start. Check some of my post series:


Snowfall in Lapland, Finland

6 Amazing Discoveries in Finland

The post series about my trip to Finland is rather a story about nature than about museums. However, each amazing discovery is related to a museum. I went on this trip in December 2015 during the polar night so I have described how I was feeling these moments.


Reconstruction - how could European prehistoric clothes look like?

7 Untold Stories from European Archaeology

The collection of stories about the European prehistoric metropolis Vučedol, a site situated on the east of Croatia, is full of surprises. This is a place to visit during a Central European trip, or while exploring the Balkans.