Quality Guidelines for guest posts and professional entries

Whether you are an aspiring guest blogger for Fun Museums Culture Travel Blog, or a museum expert who wants to get a piece of content about your museum posted, this is my set of quality guidelines.

Quality guidelines for guest bloggers

Your post must contain between 800 and 2000 words. Shorter articles will not be accepted, and longer may be split into two parts.

Your text must be in English. Take care of your spelling and grammar. I may not post your article if I find too many mistakes. As I’m not a native English speaker, my requirements are not too high, but the correct writing is something I care a lot about.

You must submit between 3 and 20 quality pictures for your post. Posts with less than 3 pictures will not be posted before at least 3 images are submitted, and if you submit more than 20 images, we may not publish all of them.

“Quality pictures” mean that your pictures must not be blurry, burnt, or too dark. You should also make some effort to pick nice motifs. I may decline your post if the pictures do not follow my general picture standard (take a look at pictures I use for my articles for inspiration).

You may tell me your headline ideas, and I will try applying them as much as possible.

You may tell me which image would you like to have as your feature image. However, I may select another picture if I think it’s more attractive for challenging social shares with link preview.

You must submit a Pinterest graphic with your guest post. If you are unsure about dimensions of this graphic, the easiest way for you to creat is with Canva.

It’s up to me to define the key SEO strategy for your guest article. However, you may tell me your wishes if you have any.

Your guest post will be featured on my social media sites with the following frequency:

Facebook – at least once in six months

Twitter – at least once in three months

Pinterest – your graphic will be pinned to every board I can pin on, as long as it meets the board’s topic.

Instagram – one of your pictures will be selected for the Fun Museums official Instagram profile.

Flipboard – your post will be Flipped to one magazine.

I may share your post to a Facebook or LinkedIn group if I find it interesting to the audiences.

What kind of posts can you submit?

A single-museum article. Have you visited a museum, and absolutely loved it? Write about it for the Fun Museums blog.

A visit to a city. You can create a simple comprehensive guide to a city. You must include a number of museums in your guide – I recommend a number between 3 (for smaller towns) and 17 (for large cities). Shorter lists need more general culture and heritage content, such as authentic restaurants, shopping, accommodation, or outdoors. Longer lists need to be museum focused, with a short description for each museum.

A tour around a region or a country.


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