Hello, this is your culture travel blog. How can I help you?

Apart from being a blogger, I’m an online communication advisor, an experienced travel advisor for Croatia and Portugal, and a museum-culture-heritage storyteller. Let’s collaborate.

Blogging opportunities – Fun Museums – Culture Travel Blog

Would you love to see your content on this blog? I’m so happy if you do.

There are several possibilities to get featured on the Fun Museums blog. My growing audiences are waiting for fresh content about museums, cultures, heritage, travel… As an early adopter, you would be remembered as someone who contributed to creating the World’s finest collections of museum recommendations.

Guest posts

You can be a unique museum blogger, travel blogger, opinion maker, or traveler collections, author. If you are a blogger yourself, you will be provided with a discreet do-follow link to your blog page. Discover the quality guidelines to a guest post I will approve to be published on the Fun Museums blog.

Promotional posts for your museum

Get a tailor-made post about your museum. Any kind of museum is eligible – it may be a national or a local museum, it may be a large or small, I accept art, history, natural history, archaeological, technical, or any other kind of museums. Promotional posts are created in my own culture travel blog style, and there are several possibilities I offer:

A free visit – only available if your museum is located no more than 100 kilometers from my current location. I will be glad to accept your invite, take my own pictures, and write a post. You are welcome to provide your own pictures or videos, which will be properly credited as your courtesy. Read my standards for free visits.

Premium visit – press trip – regarding my activity calendar, I can be available for press trips that include your museum and/or wider destinations. Since costs of any blogger press trip may be elevated, I would recommend you to invite me in collaboration with other stakeholders (tourism boards, hotels, etc.). A premium visit gives you right to choose stories that will be told through one or more blog posts, and to approve posts before they are published.

Blogpost submission (free) – I accept free blog post submissions, as long as they meet my quality standards. Write a cool post about the museum you work in, pick some nice pictures, and get featured.

Premium blog post submission – this is an option for museums that want to make their online communication better. Send any kind of story about your museum, send me pictures, and information you would like to have featured. I will create a post for you, and send you for approval before I publish. Learn more about premium blog post submission.

For more information about pricing and conditions, please contact me to lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu.

Online Communication

Invite me to write on your blog/news portal/publication/etc.

I love to write, and I can do it in three languages – English, Croatian, and Portuguese. I am truly trilingual, so my expression sometimes gets that particularly creative form, when I’m thinking in one language, but writing in other. It happens 🙂

What can I write for you?

I can write about museums, exhibitions, and artists.

What I particularly like to write about are travels, tours, and routes.

I also have experience writing about innovation, startups, and social media.

There is a way to get my opinion article, like the one I did about artistic inspiration I found in Salvador Sobral music.


What to post on Facebook? What to post on Instagram? How to build the content of your website?

I answer these questions.

I’m not the one who knows how to build a large audience, and when I become that person, I will change this statement. What I do is simple – I help you reaching and keeping the reputation amongst your existing audiences.

Let’s help you creating beautiful Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest posts.

You can structure your website content, so it becomes tremendously attractive and user-friendly.

I can find a perfect social customer service method for you.

I will prevent you from doing the most common mistakes when sharing contents online.

…and much more.

For more information about pricing and conditions, please contact me to lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu.

Personalized travel recommendations for Croatia and Portugal

While Croatia is my native country, Portugal is a country I chose to be my second home. These countries have been popular travel destinations, and I see many people asking me questions about tours and what to see. During 2017, I’m giving free advises and recommendations for traveling around Croatia and Portugal. Whether you have only a few days to see one city, or you want to do a tour lasting a month or more, I have a plenty of interesting suggestions, in accordance with your personal preferences.

I will also suggest you save my blog posts for planning your travels around these (and other) countries. As this is the culture travel blog, you will get many recommendations for museums, heritage, culture events, etc., but I’m giving suggestions for anything related to travel.

Some questions you may ask me, for instance…

1)How to get from Zagreb to Dubrovnik?

2)What to visit between Lisbon and Porto?

3)Should I go to Algarve?

4)Should I visit Istria?

5)Where can I find affordable holiday hotels (in any of these countries)?

6)Which museums to visit in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, or in Lisbon, Porto, Braga…?

7)Which airport are served with low-budget flights and what’s the best deal if I have a week for the trip?

8)Is it easy to get around Slavonia?

9)Is it easy to get to Alto Douro&Tras-os-Montes?

10)What about islands (in both countries)?

11)How to find those beaches I see in travel magazines (“I can’t even pronounce their names”, that’s what some people told me!)

12)How to find cool, authentic restaurants (in both countries)?

…and much more. Let’s schedule a Skype call 🙂


Museums in Service of Social Development


Apart from the Fun Museum Culture Travel Blog, communication consultancy, and travel recommendations, I also make specific workshops featuring museums as agents of social development, agents of change. The workshop created for you can have a local or international/multicultural approach.

You can choose a museum that you recognize as a good example of driving the social development. If you can’t remember any example, don’t worry, I always have a plenty of suggestions.

Museums in Service of Social Development - Culture Travel Blog
A Workshop, given to my fellow Global Villagers


Museums in Service of Social Development - Culture Travel Blog
With people from China, Italy, UAE and Thailand, in Bethlehem, PA, USA.