Green Museums – what, why, and how?

If wondering why museums should go green, one must take a more open-minded approach. We tend to think that the environmental question only concerns industry, agriculture, transportation, or economy in general. However, thinking that museums have nothing to do with that is pretty much like thinking that schools have nothing to do with that. Got it?

Schools provide education and that education necessarily means environmental education. As a soon to be 30 years old, I belong to generation who learned quite a lot about the need to reduce waste, save water and electricity, reduce the use of cars or consumption of goods we don’t need. Nowadays environmental education has come further and children learn how to go nearly zero waste. 

Museums are arguably some extension of schooling. For that reason, we should see some green statements and practices in museums. The question we may ask is what kind of green things could museums pull off?

The museum Twitter community around the #MuseumHour talked that topic on Monday evening, 21st of January 2019. Here are a few of the questions:

So apparently, the issue goes from very general ideas, to specific tasks and processes. Museums can proceed with values, initiatives, activities, and various intangible moves, while they can also show a lot of awareness in practice.

The Power of Museums

All my work is about promoting the Power of Museums. Even many museum professionals and frequent museum goers are unaware of that. And this is not their fault. 

Museums are powerful. First of all, even among people who rarely visit them, museums hold some respect. That respect means that what is done in a museum, for many it must mean something.

Social media is full of stuff. News outlets are full of clickbait. The world is full of hype. People around us are alienated staring at their phones. Our family and friends want to talk about “relaxed topics” such as food. Where to find some food for thought then? 

In a museum, of course.

If a museum tells us how to love out environment, nature, oceans, health, and planet, then it’s just the thing we feel like we should do. Museums literally feed our emotions with things that can be joyful or sad, but are somewhat special.

This is the first step – the step of challenging, of introducing, starting the impact.

What Museums do with their green policies?

I don’t pretend to know, but I promise I collect a lot of insights and soon write a post about them. Above all, I want real stories, not woulda, coulda, shoulda. Not that I don’t have ideas or proposals, but I want to hear from real museum people. 

This tweet is what happens when museum professionals love the jobs they do. Imagine these people showing such a practice to visitors – it’s a real emotional trigger.

Lesser paper, no plastic, natural quality materials, the own energy, smart hom… oops museum, all the items and artefacts stored in the clean air surrounded by more things that will never harm the environment.

Museums going green. It’s gorgeous.

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