You send me a photo, I make a Museum Drawing for you

Museums are in need, for a broader, creative, meaningful promotion. I would like to offer a Museum Drawing to a selection of museums that will be interested in such a thing.

The idea of My Sketched Travels project is to encourage slow traveling and deep understanding of locations. Many museums are more than building containing collections – above all, they are heritage sites.

The History of Paper - Fabriano
Fabriano Paper Museum, Marche region, Italy

Virtual Museums and Museum Drawing

My masters thesis title was Creative Virtual Museum. I made it through 2011 and 2012, with very little help from my university or anyone from the so called “academic community”. It was quite an unusual topic, with very little data, reliable articles, books, or insights. Nevertheless, I thrived to present it as an idea.

The biggest challenge for museum going digital was to create something unique and creative aside from regular digitalisation works. Museums needed promotion yet they feared the digital presence would prevent potential visitors from showing up at the museum, because they would already “see it all”, digitally.

I draw your Museum
Virtual experience brings that tiny piece of additional curiosity. Especially if the drawing adds a necessary bit of drama – Lost Castles Tour in Croatia

But is it really true? Could be, but not because of the virtual museum presence. People procrastinate their decision to visit museums, especially local ones, closer to their homes.

It has nothing to do with virtual presence. A good virtual museum presence brings an opposite effect if well done – it invites people to museums.

My Virtual Sketched Travels

Meanwhile, stuck under travel restrictions due to covid-19 pandemic, I feel a need to offer something beautiful to a selection of museums. The next step will be to build on it for a better future of museums in general.

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Virtual museum experiences may mean a lot of things, including photo galleries, videos, and even webinars. While digital rendering became a dominating form of art for drawing places, I prefer the physical drawing process.

As physical travel is restricted now, I will draw from reference photo, exclusively for museums, from a social distance.

From a reference photo to a drawing

Do you work at a museum / for a museum? If yes, you are free to apply for the “I draw your Museum” contest and gift your museum an opportunity to get a museum drawing. I will select 10 museums, but it will not be the only opportunity.

Find more information and apply before 31st of May

You can also apply through Google Forms. 
My sketched travels - Drawing Museums
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