From “museums are boring”, to working at a museum.

Museums are boring.



Even though that can be the most common opinion, it’s far from truth.

I was the same. I thought it was for old people who don’t have anything better to do so they go and look at these old objects from ages ago.

Museums are boring? No way!
Let’s start the digital journey! “Kreni” means start in Croatian.

Everything changed the first time I went to visit a museum.

On my first visit to a museum, to the Mimara museum in Zagreb with my high school class as a part of a field trip, it was great. In fact, it was surprisingly great!

Once we get there, there was this young guide – just some years older than us – and she makes the tour modern and interesting.

I remember that I went home and I told everybody that I was in a museum. Never thought I would be that excited about a visit to a museum.

And it’s not that much about the museum itself, it was ok, but the guide made it work, it was all about her presentation.

Some 18 years after that, I am a marketing manager in a museum.

Never thought I would be one, but I am, and its fun.

I am a marketing manager at Vučedol Culture Museum in Vukovar/Croatia for 5 years and counting. I am also a marketing and multimedia expert with over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales.

Vucedol Culture Museum
Inside the Vučedol Culture Museum and its unique architecture

On my job interview, I realized how many young people are working at the museum and I wanted to be part of the team since I figured that my ideas might interest them and fortunately, they did/are.

Since I started, we did so many great things together.

I am all about presentation and storytelling in combination with modern technologies. 

It all started with creating a new web page, the one that the museum had in the beginning was not appropriate for a brand new modern museum, and my idea was, it had to be modern with great images and less text. We hired a local professional and had great images taken for us while I made the rest and put our web online.

Beautiful lands of Vucedol, an important archaeological site
Panoramic View over the Vučedol Culture Museum

Museums are boring? No way. We are cool kids now!

After we released our brand new web page  immediately people start to look at us as “cool kid on the block.”

Following the success of the web page, I started to focus on social media. I opened up accounts on all the papular social platforms at the moment just to see which ones should we focus on.

We opened the business account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.

I believe we were the first museum in Croatia that had a LinkedIn account.

We ended up focusing the most on Facebook, Instagram, and now YouTube. These three platforms are performing the best for us at the moment.

Then we started to see to what content do people respond the best via different analytics tools (Google analytics, Facebook insight, Instagram insights) and we did a lot of online and offline inquiries to find out who our visitors are and because we value our visitors’ opinion. They definitely don’t say that museums are boring anymore.

The online magazine

The next stop was to start the online magazine that we call Adorant.

We already have 10 issues of Adorant out and we are working on 11 as I type this post. 

Adorant is an online magazine of Vučedol Culture Museum representing the work we do and the progress that is made in the museum during the year.

Since we tend to follow modern technologies I believe we were the first one to implement a multimedia museum guide as the museum offers beacon technology.

Beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that send push notifications to your smartphone. For example, once you are in room #3 you will get a notification on your smartphone or tablet about that room.

Following our successful beacon implementation, other museums in Croatia follow our lead as well.

Since we have a museum shop as a part of our museum, we wanted to have our souvenirs available to our visitors online as well so we made a webshop.

Pandemic hit and museums were closed for a while. During that time we had to rethink our approach to our customers/visitors so we moved most of our content online.

At the end of 2020, I did two major projects.

The first one was an interactive online tour in 360°. After that, the second one was an e-learning platform made as an interactive quiz.

Museums are boring? No way!
The virtual visit to the Vučedol Museum is available on the museum’s official website.

Our next stop will be more video content as we will focus on the YouTube platform more.

I strongly believe that walls don’t sell themselves and that people are the museum’s biggest asset.

It is the people that can make a tour unforgettable.

Great storytelling in combination with modern technology can make you stand out in the crowd. I believe we covered both sides well but there is always room for improvement.

Museums are not boring, they are unique and fun.

With the right storytelling, right guide, and right presentation they can enrich every person’s life with an unforgettable experience.

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