January 2021 in review, Social Museums, and what is new for February

In Greece, it is common to say καλό μήνα (kalo mina) – have good month, in the beginning of a new month. It means that every new month is a small new beginning. In fact, here in Croatia I woke up with sunshine, now much before than it was the case earlier in the winter. Today I will write about January 2021 in review, and how was this past month on Fun Museums. After that, I will say what is coming up next. Dear reader, I hope you enjoy the process.

Meanwhile, February means a lot to me personally, because it is the month in which I have birthday, on the same day with my grandmother (who is about to turn 81).

Finally, I am happy announce that from the end of this month, I will start sending newsletters and all the subscribers of February will get their free copy of my first illustrated ebook. The subscription form is on the bottom of this article.

Some illustrations from the book.

Let’s see how was this past January 2021 – in review

In January, we published in total 12 posts. Two of them were guest articles from the community, and these achieved quite a success among the readers. At the same time, some of the older articles (mostly from 2017 and 2018) got a fair amount of views, meaning that they continue interesting as the time passes.

My most popular article from 2020 is the one about cool Greek etymologies, words of Greek origin we use every day. Published in June last year, this article was the third most popular on Fun Museums in January 2021. To give more to my readers, I published the second part.

This is a part of my first illustrated book that will be published on the next March 1 – on Monday in 4 weeks time! All the Fun Museums readers who subscribe in February will receive a free copy!

Additionally, the first article on 2021, published on the very New Year Day, was about numismatics, featuring the Numismatic Museum of Athens. It was yet another article about Greek words.

Good Memories

My very first illustrated ebook, with Art of Discovery as the main spirit, features some good memories. It is a story about traveling during the summer of 2020, with some looks into the soon-to-come summer of 2021. With some daydreaming and new possibilities on the horizon, that ebook will offer the readers some ideas about the future of traveling and holidays.

On the other hand, during this past January we had a special article about the Museum of Good Memories in Pula, Croatia. It is the work of our new guest author, Emina. Although these good memories relate to one particular culture and period of time, it shows everything that good memories can be.

January 2021 in review
Good Memories.

Fun Museums Social

On the other hand, this January marked the introduction to Serious Museums, as a contrast to the Fun Museums as the platform name. In other words, it shows that museums can be enjoyable even if they are not fully fun, if we are able to deal with things that are uncomfortable. Our new guest author, Kevin, wrote about his own experience. As an LGTBQIA+ person, he had a different perspective on museums. In his article, he presented how some museums may make us feel more welcome than the others.

In the same vein, I made sure I include some different forms of artistic expressions, as long as they are available online. I started with the story about the artivist Nikkolas Smith, an African American digital artist, while I also wrote about something closer to my own culture. It is the Dubioza Kolektiv, a musical band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), a group of musicians who achieved a worldwide success without adapting to any form of mainstream.

January 2021 in Review: Nikkolas Smith
The artivist Nikkolas Smith and his online course

Finally, I posted about the virtual museum night in Croatia. I described how I enjoyed a Friday evening in the comfort of my home, while watching live videos and other contents from museums of different sides of Croatia.

January 2021 in review: Virtual discovery
The Museum Night 2021 in Croatia

January 2021 in review: Serious Museums

Most importantly, I included one of the saddest stories from the human heritage. I shared some posts on my social media from the Auschwitz Memorial as they serve their audience with the daily content about the unfortunate people who perished in the death camp. However, I didn’t write directly about that.

My article was about the origins of a dangerous idea. After doing some research, I wrote how the “Aryan race” became the thing to believe. After all, it is what led to the mentioned sad story.

Pandemics and Poetics, a Jewish Dictionary
More information about this book is available here.

On the other hand, even the darkest thing may be sources for some humour. That is how a group of Jewish artists created a Jewish dictionary of struggles and conspiracies. Obviously, it relates to the current situation rather than their history.

Museum workers and curiosity

Last, but not least, I started another new concept – Museum Workers. To show how it is, I started with my own story. Above all, I made clear that I find curiosity crucial for a better world. That is all from the past January 2021 – month in review!

Don’t forget: you can also become a guest writer on Fun Museums. Further, you can apply to get your museum or business featured in one of the next Fun Museums programs.

What is coming up in February?

First, I will give a focus on cultural travel experiences and the art of discovery. The growing community of guest writers will work on fulfilling the month with many enjoyable stories about visits to museums, working in museums, and experiences. Second, I will work on my first illustrated book, to finish it off, and share it with all of you. Most importantly, together we will bring a special focus on sustainability and slow travel.

The topics will include walking in nature and visits to some lesser known places. Along with some new museum worker stories and projects, I will also feature the current topics: carnival and Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!

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