February 2021 in review, Museum Workers, and what is next for March

The shortest month of the year saw more writers and the introduction of the Museum Workers section. In order to get museums and heritage closer to visitors, we decided to share our stories. Most importantly, we will show what people actually do in order to present and include.

As the founder, I made an important new step, attending a course about inclusion of disabilities. It was only last week, but since then I already found quite some ideas on how to improve the accessibility of Fun Museums. In fact, accessibility is not only about museums and their policies or programs for disabilities. It is about the wholesome, holistic inclusion of anyone, without any medical labels of disabilities.

That being said, Fun Museums wants to make anyone feel welcome. In order to achieve that, we will need to invest some hard work. Videos, audio recordings, infographics, and even more clear language will be on the to-do list. It will (hopefully) be followed by the membership in the Portuguese organization Acesso Cultura.

Activities from Museum Workers

Nothing matches a passion from a museum worker more than dedicated activities outside work. Our new writer Chiara started her journey with Fun Museums with her story about discovering the Nordic Walking on her native Sicily. After that, she shared her professional story of “climbing the ladder“, with a diversity of struggles and beautiful memories.

On the other hand, our new writer Darko doesn’t have a traditional museum workers’ story. After graduating in marketing, he first worked at a shoemaking company, as a marketing manager. Subsequently, in 2015 he joined the newly opened Vučedol Culture Museum where he introduced a proactive digital communication. His journey has literally gone from “museums are boring” to working at a museum.

Museum Workers and Art of Discovery
Chiara suggests Nordic walking for local discovery

The Art of Discovery and visits to museums

Our programs on Fun Museums tend to fulfil each other. For instance, Emina’s post about a trip and a nice holiday idea in the small Croatian town of Novigrad mentions the archaeology and Indie festivals. How often did you see people going out at night, oversleeping in the morning and simply skipping daily activities they planned, or even those that were organised for them? I have some good news. Entertainment and heritage are not mutually exclusive. I would say it to every teenager.

In fact, visiting museums can be just a short, enjoyable hour. There are a few things I say you should not do in museums. It may not be what you think. The article talks only about the self-care, not about loudly eating sandwiches in museums. Further, I also wrote about the art of appreciating museums. That being said, our museums deserve some love, much before anything tragic happens to them.

Zagreb Earthquake
The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb after the earthquake in March 2020

Some sweet texts

A brand new museum opened recently in the city where I grew up. The museum itself is The Museum of the City of Rijeka, but its building has quite a fascinating story. It literally looks like a palace, with a splendid staircase and lavish fresco painting. However, it is an old sugar refinery, and the locals call it a Sugar Palace. Related to that, for the Valentine’s Day I posted a new collection of words of Greek origin, this time the ones that closely relate to history and nuances of love.

Inside the Sugar Palace

Additionally, during the past February we welcomed guest writers who came as a team, Slike i prilike. In their first article on Fun Museums, they presented the history of Barbie Doll to our readers. It was only the first part of the story as the second one is coming soon in March, within the Women’s History Month celebrated through the European cultural institutions.

In conclusion, i would like to share that I have a new list of 9 museum and art blogs I recommend, after writing the popular first list back in 2018.

What is in the store for March? Women’s History, more Museum Workers, sustainability…

The month in front of us will be full of beautiful things, Women’s history, accessibility, and some sustainable travel will be the key topics. More museum workers stories are also coming up. I would also like to invite everyone to subscribe for our newsletters. Due to a low number of new subscribers, I am not going to send one for February, and the distribution of the ebook will be moved to the 15th of March. But take a little glance on how is it going to look:

A little glance from the illustrated book.

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