List of Friends of Fun Museums

The Friends of Fun Museums program is a simple list of people and organisations. They have one thing in common: they want museums to shine.

For a context, you can check our Call for Friends, which is always open.

This is the list of Friends of Fun Museums

As of March 23, 2021, we have a small but significant list in different categories.

Museums that are Friends of Fun Museums (wow!)

Notice: this list doesn’t equal a mention in any of the Fun Museums programs such as Museums saying Thank You or Art of Discovery. To be on this list, you may contact us, and define a plan of exchange of ideas.

Our writers

There are literally millions of museums worldwide, and it is impossible to tell so many stories by one person. If we want to make museums shine, we need many museums to shine. For that reason, guest authors are welcome on Fun Museums. If you are interested in becoming one, click here.

Aside from me, the founder, so far we are:

Colleagues: education, inclusion, creative professional individuals and organisations

There is competition and there are collaborations. One person cannot be alone in a big project, so we all need Friends above all, then serious partners for projects. After all, Friends can be our competitors, since we value a fair competition. The field is big, it needs different players so that everyone gets better. On the other hand, not all the colleagues are competitors, as many of them play on different fields.

  • Slike i Prilike, a museum, history and art blog, Belgrade, Serbia (in Serbian) – they also belong the above list of guest writer, as we are in a mutual collaboration
  • Acesso Cultura, this is an organisation with a large community of amazing professionals in the area of accessibility in everything that relates to culture – from physical spaces such as museums or theatres, to websites and virtual solutions. The organisation is based in Portugal and you can click here for a Portuguese language version of their site.
  • ViMuseothe whole world of Museums – a growing platform for museum search, on which there is also a base of blog articles. Some Fun Museums articles get integrated on that platform. The project is based in Germany and most content is in German. It is a language-inclusive platform, though, as it aims to have different languages available.
  • ICOM CECA – the Founder is an active member of the International Council of Museums – ICOM. The ICOM CECA is a specialised department for education in museums.
  • More is coming

Slow and sustainable travel is one of the important Friends of Fun Museums

This is a special category as Fun Museums aims to support a slow, sustainable, meaningful concept of traveling. You might have understood that the world’s biggest museums receive the unsustainably high number of visitors, who often feel like they “have to” visit them even if it is not their greatest desire. On the other hand, smaller museums remain fairly empty and away from travellers’ attention.

At the moment, Fun Museums is actively supporting the Travel Reset Movement. We are working on creating a more detailed list.

Cultural Routes – a special kind of entry

Working as promotor of a culture route in my own region was quite an important and fulfilling experience for me. For that reason, I decided to make Cultural Routes a special category. For now the only listed cultural route is the one I worked with, but soon I expect more.

I would like to say that my dream of creating slow travel ideas dates back to 2017 when I had an idea of suggesting a tour between Zagreb, Croatia and Trieste, Italy through the lesser-known archaeological sites. It is hard to get funded to explore and create, and institutions often don’t offer support as they need things to be official. It just takes time, but with all the slow travel movement, we believe that opportunities will come. As a result, unofficial cultural routes will make it to the list of Friends of Fun Museums.

  • Putovima Frankopana – The Routes of Frankopans Cultural Route is an official cultural route through my own region in Croatia – here is my article about it Lost Castles Tour
  • Who is next?

Creative and Cultural Businesses

I am still in negotiations to include some businesses in the list of Friends of Fun Museums. My main goal is provide a good networking for cultural businesses with museums and vice versa. Museums are endless sources of inspiration and interpretation goes well beyond the museums and other institutions. Above all, interpretation works as a marketing tool for businesses and a fuel for an efficient customer services culture. For that reason, I expect to have some businesses on my list of friends soon!

Last but not the least, I am willing to open more categories of Friends for the List. For instance, if a school is willing to join the list, I will make a list of Schools.

List of Friends of Fun Museums
Source: Rijksmuseum virtual studio