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As the world changes fast, museums change too.

This blog is intended to be a travel blog with the focus on heritage and culture travel. Museums are just considered the best agents of heritage and cultural discovery. As many of the Fun Museums readers will want museums whose approach on stories is innovative, museums that might be interesting to recommend or show to their family and friends, I try to visit that kind of museums as much as possible.

So museums can have innovative practice on many points, and for this initial text, I will just link to a few of my articles to clarify what I mean for innovative museums. I just want you, readers, to tell me an example of highly innovative museums you might know, regarding the following points:

  1. Did you have an incredible ease in going around that museum, a feeling that you actually got everything there is in a museum, following a logical path? You can talk about museums with a particular architecture such as Vučedol Culture Museum or the classically innovative concept of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in NYC.
  2. Did your children or grandparents or friends who are not used to discover cultural heritage and museums had really a LOT of fun in that museum? Let’s talk about this example from Zagreb, Croatia.
  3. Did you buy anything completely useful and very nicely-designed in a museum shop? I did it at the very North of Europe far above the Arctic Circle.
  4. Have you enjoyed the technology in a museum? I mean, virtual reality, beautiful interactive screens, games? Any kind of interaction? I created this little article just to show an example.
  5. Anything else you can remember?

I visited this year edition of Web Summit and published an article about it here. For the next year edition, I would like to get some input about what heritage and culture travelers want in innovative museums. For instance, on the picture bellow, you can notice the building on the right side – there is an exhibition gallery there. This monumental building has lovely balconies, opened for you as a visitor to overlook the beautiful Tagus river. This is in Lisbon. Maybe that’s your choice – a museum that opened up its spaces to the daylight and the world?

In progress - an out of the box guide to Lisbon
A very out of the box guide to Lisbon – articles are in progress, the guide will be published on December 15 😀

So, time to comment.

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