I draw your Museum

1.The “I draw your Museum” contest starts on 20th of April 2020 and lasts until 10th of May 2020.

2.The goal is to invite museum professionals from all over the world to send their museum photo (videos or pdfs are also allowed) and to become candidates for My Sketched Virtual Travels initiative. Once the application is submitted, the museum becomes the “candidate institution”. The one who submits the application is the “contact person”. The winning museums are called “selected institutions”.

3.The reference content (photo, video, or pdf) remains the ownership of the candidate institution and the candidate institution keeps the full rights to it. It will not be used for any purposes other than reference for drawing.

4.The data shared in the registration form will not be used for purposes unrelated to the contest.

4.1.The name of the candidate institution along with links to website and social media will be published on the Fun Museums webpage if the candidate institution gets selected in the contest.

4.2.The reference content will not be published or shared

4.3.The “contact person’s” personal name and email are collected exclusively for communication purposes between the Fun Museums in the context of the “I draw your Museum” contest.

4.4.The message from the “candidate institution” will not be published, unless the “contact person” allows and encourages it after the institution gets selected in the contest.

4.5.The “contact person” has an option to sign up for the Fun Museums newsletter and/or to get included in the particular contact list of collaborators.

5.The 10 (ten) selected institutions will be published on 15th of May.

6.Their drawings will be shared between 20th and 31st of May.

7.Each drawing of the “selected institutions” will be shared with the respective contact person from the Museum before it is shared publicly.

8.The “selected institutions” are encouraged to share their drawings on their webpages, blogs, social media, and also in their workers’ private social media channels. However, they are obliged to give the proper credits to the author, Lana Pajdas of Fun Museums.

9.The use of drawings for production of new museum merchandise products is warmly encouraged. The “selected institutions” are allowed to use them free of charge, as long as they give the proper credits to the author, Lana Pajdas of Fun Museums throughout all the promotional materials and on products themselves. In the case they need help with that, they will be offered a special merchandise strategy service for a special discounted price.

10.Candidate institutions are able to withdraw from the contest by sending an email to lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu with a short explanation.

11.For any further questions, please contact lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu

12.This phase of the contest is not definitive, and even if your museum doesn’t get selected this time, there will be another opportunity.

These terms&conditions are published on 20th of April and can be updated at any time. Please keep up with the updates.