I draw your museum

These “times of virtual museums” are not only about observing, but also about participation. While most museums are temporarily closed, I want to help their workers and professionals. So, I draw your museum.

Museums are in need, for a broader, creative, meaningful promotion.

For that reason, I decided to invite museums to submit their reference photos of choice, so that I can make a drawing as a part of a special, My Virtual Sketched Travels series. While I make many drawings on places, I also take many photos and I make sketches from them later, when I sit down on a comfortable place.

Here is an example from the Numismatic Museum of Athens.

My Sketched Travels - Money Museum, Athens - I draw your museum
Example: Numismatic Museum in Athens, made from a reference photo (bellow)
Numismatic Museum in Athens (the drawing is also

I will select 10 museums in this first round. However, it will not be the end. Even if your museum is not selected in the first round, you will have a chance in the next round, in which I will increase the number of museums. So don’t hesitate and apply now!

Just scroll down to see the contact form. Everything I need from you is a reference photo, a message from you to me, and the basic data I need to communicate with you.

What will be the selection criteria?

In short words: I will give a slight preference to museums that are able to provide me with more information through the message and website/social media. That in turn, I can make a more accurate illustration, in a full accordance with the museum’s character!

Note: Unfortunately, this form doesn’t work at all – I am alone working on this blog and without any accessible IT support so I don’t know why it doesn’t submit your applications.

Please send me an email to lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu, with a screenshot of the fulfilled from (including he GDPR agreement and newsletter/collaborations agreement), with your reference photo attached. Thank you for understanding! <3

Alternatively, you can also use the Google Forms to apply.

I draw your Museum
Another example of drawing from a reference photo – learn about this location through the Lost Castle Tour series.

I draw your Museum. I will do it sooner or later. In the best case scenario, I will make a drawing from a photo now, and a drawing on the site later.