Museum talks

A new approach to museum visits is here!

We are luckily introducing the Fun Museum Talks. We would like to invite our fans, followers and readers to join the Fun Museums official Twitter page, and make a tweet using #FunMuseumsTalks, or simply #MuseumsAreFun, to tell us something about their own fun experiences in museums, or even fun initiatives they do in their own museums.

The origins of this idea lies in a conversation with the Portuguese artists Afonso Cruz, who expressed his opinion that museums are just artificial places. We think that he is much right, because in many cases, museums are not the most wanted places. However, we believe that

On this page, we’ll be posting ideas told by Twitter users.

We also have an alternative for our fans from Croatia – you can join the locally-oriented Facebook group, where you also get information about the upcoming Fun Museums events in their country. If you want to get a Facebook group in your own country, please contact us. 🙂