Become a Friend of Fun Museums

Fun Museums is a creative writing&illustration studio. At the same time, it is collection of stories about happy, inclusive, sustainable, and efficient museums. But after all, Fun Museums needs Friends.

For that reason, we are launching an initiative for Friends of Fun Museums. As Fun Museums is not, and will never be a corporation as small businesses are not corporations, we don’t have partners. We have Friends.

Do you want to be a Friend of Fun Museums?

Here comes a list of characters who are a perfect match for our Friends. If you see yourself in one of these characteristics, we suggest you to apply.

  • Museum professionals (researcher, curator, manager, educator, communicator etc.), specially the ones who care for inclusion and sustainability topics in museums
  • If you work at an institution such as library, theatre, or culture centre it is also a perfect match!
  • Anyone who works in travel and tourism industry and thrives to make it sustainable is more than welcome!
  • Maybe you work in culture travel and tourism specifically? Perfect.
  • You work at a company with services for museums and heritage
  • Freelancers who work for museums and heritage are also welcome
  • You run an NGO with interest in museums, heritage, culture, and/or sustainability
  • Artists
  • Frequent museum goers who care
  • Anything else that makes you feel connected to Fun Museums?

As an organisation that stands against the toxic labels and prefers a holistic inclusion, we welcome everyone to join the Friends of Fun Museums, as long as you feel like being a Friend of Fun Museums.

How much does it cost?

Fun Museums has been ran for the last five years as a small business museum blog, showcasing heritage interpretation, creative writing, and illustrations. However, in order to gain a larger audience, and to give museums some deserved attention, we need Friends.

Friends have no cost of joining the program. They only have a small set of responsibilities, which are all about proactive participation. Here are some ideas for a Friend of Fun Museums to participate:

  • Participation in discussion boards with sharing good examples of sustainable and inclusive museums, sustainable art, and other relevant activities, to help us getting the best content and stories
  • Assistance in networking with important professionals and activists, in accordance with personal possibilities
  • Linking Fun Museums content (articles, videos, photos, illustrations, interpretation concepts, research) to their own social media and websites, in accordance with their own schedule and strategy. The hashtag #ArtOfDiscovery is recommended on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Writing guest posts (we can’t provide a financial compensation for that so far, but we will make sure the author gets a proper set of perks)

We welcome any other idea Friends of Fun Museums might have. For instance, you might be a sustainable traveler and suggest a topic about visiting museums on sustainable trips.

Working with museums

What are the perks?

The Fun Museums Studio wants to assure that every Friend gets a deserved, personalised reward for being with us. First, your name or the name of your organisation will be publicly listed on Fun Museum website. Second, you might get further exposure and promotion through the published content. For example, if we are publishing an article about the Museum X, and your creative product is available in that Museum’s shop, we will mention you in the article.

Further, every contribution will be carefully recorded and in accordance with your needs we’ll make something for you. The most popular perks are the discounts (15-80%) for following creative services:

  • Creative texts
  • Articles
  • Concepts of heritage interpretation
  • Illustrations
  • Photos
  • Counselling

After all, you have a choice to tell us what perk would you like to receive.

How can I apply?

Contact lana[at]funmuseums[dot]eu. Introduce yourself and tell us why would you like to be our Friend.